F.E.A.R. XBox 360 Review

One of the biggest tasks of being a developer in this day and age is creating an experience that really stands out from the pack. There is no genre where this is more relevant than the first-person shooter arena, where copy and paste seems to be the de-facto standard for most companies. Last year a little-known developer named Monolith Production broke that mold when they released F.E.A.R. for the PC. At the time there were no plans to bring this game to consoles, and once again we controller-loving folk were shut down. Thankfully a year can make a huge difference as we are now given a chance to discover one of the best FPS experiences ever created.

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frostbite064448d ago

Not to bash you in any way zero, but please stop posting old reviews. There's plenty of new games you could put on here. I know your gona say its not old but then again, nobodys gona wanna see a gears of war review two weeks from now either.

ZeroTolerance4448d ago

I understand that you guys have a million sources for reviews the same day or even before a game releases, but our site doesn't have thirty people working around the clock to deliver these. I am going to continue posting these as some people do value our opinion. If you don't want to read them, simply don't click, but from our tracking they are getting good hits so someone obviously wants to see them :)