Someone Beat Dark Souls 2 In One Hour

The hardest game of the year, reduced to the length of an episode of Gilmore Girls.

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Hellsvacancy1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

If the opening of door/chest animations were shorter 15 minutes could of been shaved off the total time

Why does my 55 strength character open a door or a chest like he's a wuss

Anthotis1703d ago

You can complete Morrowind's main quest in something like 15 minutes.

That's a game with 100s of hours of gameplay.

Heisenburger1703d ago

Lol I like to think of my swordsman as 'tentative'.

This game really is fantastic though. I never would have thought I'd be the guy to squeal upon increasing my health by two. For me, it's just ridiculously satisfying!

Farsendor11703d ago

i have never played dark souls seems like those who do become fanatics lol

nix1703d ago

in the first one hour what was i doing.. hmmm.. dying in the tutorial.

Heisenburger1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

I was trying to kill that damn troll with the club...

After he crushed me several times(as he should have) I walked away in defeat saying "Enjoy what little time you have left on this hill. I'll be coming back for you."

And I did... And it was glorious.

*Yes I did actually say that aloud haha. I own my dorkiness, as I tend to role-play my characters in whatever game I'm playing.

Ratty1703d ago

So I guess by most people's logic Dark Souls II is now a one hour game? I'm not watching the video since I haven't played it yet and I can't wait to but it must really be something.

nucky641703d ago

it's a lot of fun. however, there are many bosses/parts of game that can be considered optional. i preferred to see all of the game. again (like in dark souls) they've done a great job with the layout of the game.

CrossingEden1703d ago

I'm guessing that your post is a jab at the fact that GZ has less than an hour of meaningful gameplay. No, DS2 is not a one hour game. Same can't be said for GZ however. 9% story, 91% padding

Ratty1702d ago

If GZ is a ten minutes game, then by the same logic, Dark Souls II is a one hour game. I agree that GZ doesn't have a lot of story in it but I wouldn't say 9% story, 91% padding. Unless you consider gameplay padding... which would be strange.

I would say at has more story than that because of the tapes but they don't add that much to it. The extra missions add a lot of content by themselves and some have different endings as well depending on how what you do. Those extras aren't padding. Padding would be what you have to do once you're done with all of the missions.

That is, doing them on hard, trying to get rank-s, achieving 100%. THAT'S what padding is. And you'll only try to do those if you're really in the game.

Otherwise, play all missions only once on normal and you should get around 5 to 7 hours depending on if you're a rush or not.

If you want to judge GZ's length by the speedrunning time of the first mission then judge every other games by that standard. GZ isn't a long game, I agree, and it's not for everyone but it definitely longer than an hour or two.

Hicken1702d ago

He generally has a hatred for Japanese games, particularly those that have a Japanese feel to them. Since Dark Souls doesn't feel like a typical Japanese game, he's not gonna hate on it.

Then again, he may just do it anyway for the sake of bashing Metal Gear.

In any case, the point is that ANY game can be completed in a ridiculously short amount of time, if you skip past most of the content.

Judging a game by that is utterly stupid.

nucky641703d ago

title is kind of misleading - he just isn't "beating the game in an hour"...he's also ignoring much of the game in an hour.
i don't see the point of it.

Ratty1703d ago

Yeah that's what speedruns are all about. In the end, most games can be beaten very fast. I think someone beat the first Dark Souls in less than an hour and I remember putting 200 in it.

LAWSON721703d ago

The title does not say completed the whole game in one hour. It says he beat the game which he did, I dont see how it is misleading.

psuedo1703d ago

In the same way people who speedrun through the mario game get the flutes to skip a good portion of the game.

jerethdagryphon1703d ago

You can race through the areas if you know how and use force and fog gates to survive but that defeats the point. A max lvl char could probably do it properly in 2-3 hours

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