Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut officially Announced

Toxic Games, founded by the graduates from a British university, have today announced the Director’s Cut version of their dissertation project Q.U.B.E. It has been seen as a Wii U title for many months.

This game will come with the original content, along with some new features. They include a Time Trial mode, a brand new soundtrack, Oculus Rift support, new achievements, and some extra ‘spice’ to the whole game.

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randomass1712268d ago

Wow, I'm guessing this game was pretty successful based on this news.

Skate-AK2268d ago

My brother will be happy to hear this. He has been waiting for some more Wii U games.

randomass1712268d ago

Great Portal substitute for Wii U. Looking forward to it myself. :)

TitanUp2268d ago

i would like to play this on ps4 maybe it will be released later.

randomass1712267d ago

It is indie, so it is definitely possible.

TitanUp2267d ago

not sure why i got disagrees is coming out on ps3 so why not ps4 at a later date.

wonderfulmonkeyman2268d ago

I just wish the game would release on the E-shop already....

randomass1712267d ago

In due time sir! There are plenty of indie games on the way! :D