Nintendo's Nostalgia Magic Wand

I ask a person question about how Nintendo uses Nostalgia the best when it comes to video gaming and remembering some of the groundbreaking moments of Nintendo's history.

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randomass1712268d ago

I like Nintendo's approach. They like reinterpreting beloved characters so they can try out new ideas without upsetting fans (looking at you Capcom). They could do with some new IPs, but I hope they tap into their older ones like Star Fox and F-Zero. A Metroid game that retcons Other M would be nice too.

lilbroRx2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Yay, more of the popular nostalgia insult...

Apparently people can't like things that have a history of being fun and good. They only like them because of nostalgia.

Even the children who have never gamed before and weren't around in the old days of Nintendo are somehow only buying their products out of nostalgia...

I mean it certainly couldn't be that Nintendo makes high quality, fresh, fun software that people actually want.

ShinMaster2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

No, children are buying certain games because those games appeal to children (and the parents who buy them).

The same argument can't be made for older gamers who may not have grown up with some Nintendo games. The appeal of certain games is just not as big. Maybe it's because those games lack the depth of other modern games. Who knows. But for an older experienced gamer to suddenly love Mario games, for example, is very rare.

I'm not saying that people can't like old franchises for simply being fun and good. But you can't deny that nostalgia is a big factor.

Beastforlifenoob2268d ago

Nintendo games ARE designed for children. That's why they have simple controls, charachters and plot.
Hell even Nintendo's advertisment campaigns are aimed to attract kids.

Nintendo 1st party games ARE for KIDS.
~End of Story goodnight~

marloc_x2268d ago

..don't forget your teddy and Pull Ups noob.

fonger082268d ago

Please don't speak to that which you know nothing about noob.

Retroman2268d ago

maybe some gamers tired of open world gaming. so Nostalgia games seem better to young/older gamers.

christicehurst2267d ago

It might be a shock to some but people buy games to be entertained and have fun. Doesn't matter what console it is but if you having fun than that's great.