Kodoku Runs At 1080p/60fps On PS4, "There Is So Much Memory To Use" - Dev

Koduku is an upcoming survival horror title for PS4 and PS Vita that is under development at Carnivore Studios. The game is expected to mix up horror and exploration elements and takes place on a island in Japan.

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BitbyDeath1863d ago

Lovin all these new horror games, lastgen was so boring with constant FPS titles.

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Farsendor11863d ago

rpg are also making a comeback.

Relientk771863d ago

I really hope so, turn based ones too on consoles

randomass1711862d ago

Of course lol. Any game > Kotaku. This includes Duke Nukem Forever. :P

LightDiego1863d ago

I hope it's not boring just like Amnesia and Outlast, only cowards like to run.
I prefer to carry my gun and shoot anything that is not normal, that's how you survive.

gameseveryday1863d ago

Amnesia and Outlast were boring. [smh]

CernaML1863d ago

Boring or just too difficult for you?

LightDiego1863d ago

Too difficult to run?
Ok, you are the master, lol.

randomass1711862d ago

Amnesia is not really difficult, just time consuming when avoiding monsters.

GribbleGrunger1863d ago

Cowards carry guns, sensible people run.

hkgamer1863d ago

its a vita + PS4 game. I would be surprised if it didnt run 1080p/60fps.

can we not label games by their resolution/framerate?

Volkama1863d ago

Gamingbolt :|

Their stock questions are "Is it 1080p and 60 fps?" and "How are you taking advantage of the amazing 8gb GDDR memory in the PS4?"

It gives the quotes that get the clicks, unfortunately.

randomass1711862d ago

Sadly that's all some people want to focus on. Shame too because games are more than resolutions and framerates.

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The story is too old to be commented.