Death Note Gets Its Very Own Smartphone Game

Death Note, the hugely popular and critically acclaimed Manga/Anime franchise is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and to commemorate the occasion, an ‘escape’ game called “Death Note Shinsekai e no Izanai” (Death Note Invitation to a New World) was released for iOS and Android mobile devices this past Friday.

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finito821865d ago

only matter of time, everythings an app these days lol

LightDiego1865d ago

Would be awesome if Telltale make a game for the series.

Venox20081865d ago

thats actually very interesting idea, since anime is twisted, telltale could do some goodness in the same universe or just same story, still it would be awesome :)

LightDiego1864d ago

Probably with another character using the Death Note, imagine you choosing who needs to die.
The series is awesome.

Skate-AK1864d ago

Will have to check it out.