When Will The PS Vita Start Being Good

The PS Vita promised so much but has yet to deliver, what went wrong? is it actually that bad? and if so whose fault is it?

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TimeSkipLuffy2785d ago

The Vita itself is a great device! It also has a lot of games. The problem is more or less the development cost for big AAA titles. It is not a N handheld with limited graphics. It is more lucrative for game studios to either develop low graphic games (which does say nothing about their game quality) or big console titles.

JoGam2785d ago

The question should be.....When will the PS Vita start being good to some?
I feel the Vita is awesome. Great device, games, features and by far the best portable gaming device every made. I feel it sucks for some because they may not like the available games.

randomass1712785d ago

A better question: When will the Vita be marketed properly? 3DS was doomed to sell nothing and then all of a sudden - games, games games and it's a roaring success. Vita's getting more games which is awesome! Sony should keep that momentum by encouraging exclusive release after exclusive release.


"by far the best portable gaming device every made"

I beg to differ, the best portable gaming device every made is the one with the best games or at least some big system sellers and sorry but the Vita is far, far away from that. It has great games thats for sure but not the best games, not even close.

NewMonday2785d ago

in the market it cant beat the 3DS, but is getting stable numbers now, even selling better than the PS4 in Japan.

it is no longer going to end up a disaster like the WiiU but it will carve out a sustainable market share.

and a note.. Tales of Hearts is coming to the Vita..FINALLY!

narked2785d ago

What comes to mind is why do people expect a handheld console to perform, act like and feature like a home console?

It caters to a completely different audience and for the niche it serves the product is excellent. Success of a product shouldn't just be based on sales, but on whether it can accommodate the market it is intended to serve, and from what I see it pretty much does.

If people expect this product to be mass market then it is being mistaken for a tablet, which it is not.

There are some great games, great hardware and complementing features which make it quite the device. I wouldn't expect it to run games on the scale of main console titles, because it's not meant to.

Remember when Peace Walker was released and everyone complained that such a game should not release on handhelds only, since it's a game which should be played on a home console? That's exactly my point.

rainslacker2784d ago

I agree. The software selection does seem to be rather Japanese-centric. That's perfectly fine for me as I prefer those types of games, but it couldn't hurt to have some more games that appeal to the broader western audience. I know there are already quite a few, but it needs a steady stream of them, with lots of variety.

The Vita is what I'd consider a device for the hardcore gamer. Great graphics, lots of stuff that can be going on, etc. It does really need more games that can show off it's capabilities though.

I think it'll come into it's own. Sales for it have been up, especially since the PS4's release. I believe it's at 8 million sold right now, which is a hard install base to ignore.

InactiveUser2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

@ the title question

When Sony gives the Vita physical L2, R2, L3, and R3 buttons.

I've had a Vita since they had the app to hide unwanted trophies, but my main reason for buying was Remote Play. Too bad touch sucks for confidently accurate input. I played MGS where you need L2 and R2 a lot for switching weapons and items. It sucks with touch. Instead of a simple confident physical input that you know will do exactly what you want, with the touchpad sometimes you miss completely or you hit the L3 R3 zone instead.

Some game where you use L3 to run and maybe R3 to crouch, or whatever. You try doing that and end up aiming, shooting, or throwing a grenade instead.. or nothing at all if you missed touching the right spot.

Besides relatively simple games built for touch, touch sucks for gaming. Specifically and sort of skilled or 'core' gaming that requires fast and accurate input.

My Vita has sat in its box for what? A year+ now? Since soon after I bought it.

Release a Vita RP (Remote Play) version with physical L2, R2, L3, and R3 buttons and I'd rebuy it and actually use it to play MGS and whatever PS3/PS4 games are compatible.

InactiveUser2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

^-- I'm not saying the Vita RP should only do remote play btw. It should still play Vita games, just the physical buttons would make remote play work the way it should. New Vita games could then put them to use for better, more accurate gameplay / input. Older releases could be patched to use the new physical buttons and play much better.

InactiveUser2783d ago

Disagree, defend the status quo, and settle for an inferior product design all you want, but you're just keeping yourselves down in the end.

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MrSwankSinatra2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I love my vita but the N handheld is actually delivering what gamers want "Games". The reason why the vita is failing is because it's trying to be a portable with a console like mentality which obviously isn't working for sony since the N handheld is destorying the vita in sales. Maybe sony should take what the N handheld is doing into account because obviously it's doing something right.

iceman062784d ago

Well, Sony can't copy an over 15 year lead in that sector. That is a BIG factor in why Nintendo keeps that dominance. People KNOW what to expect from a Nintendo handheld. So, they barely even need to advertise it to sell. Sony, on the other hand, is still trying to find its footing. They haven't quite figured out how to market their system. Sony needs to stop trying to sell the features and really sell the system. Make it something that people want. Then, they need a new and improved campaign that really let's people know the value of the Vita and it's games. They ARE there...but people don't know it. Oh, and a price drop wouldn't hurt. I also love my Vita and play it regularly. But, I understand how difficult it is to compete with Nintendo.

zeuanimals2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Tell me what a "handheld experience" is like because all of the Vita's games have given me this. Sounds like you just don't want games to get bigger and better on handhelds.

You're gonna complain that Killzone Mercenary isn't a "handheld experience". Why? Because it's a shooter? It's got levels, you can leave the game anytime you want and come back to it right where you left off, etc.

One of my favorite handheld games isn't a typical handheld experience with tiny levels that can be beaten within minutes, and it's Zelda ALBW. People always describe handheld experiences as something that gives you instant gratification or something that doesn't spend too much time with the details, it's just straight to the point and fun. Well, Zelda ALBW was a deep game that would have been just fine on a console.

What you probably mean is the Vita has too many AAA styled games with extensive voice acting, good graphics, big worlds, etc. But I don't know why you're complaining about it. Sure, complain about it from a financial perspective because AAA development costs too much and the Vita could've used games without as much voice acting, less emphasis on graphics, etc. but how does that make them "bad" games?

What the 3DS did right was deliver Monster Hunter and a few other games which made the thing sell very well in Japan. Devs started to flock to the 3DS when it started having a bigger installbase. Almost all of the 3DS's best games are made by Japanese devs, and it all started with a couple of games that moved the system for Japan, MH3DS being one of the biggest ones. Many of the 3DS's games can even be made for the Vita since they're made by 3rd parties with no significant ties to Nintendo.

Now, the Vita is starting to do better in Japan and if the 3DS's success by way of Japanese adoption is any indication, I have a feeling the Vita's going to be seeing more and more devs working on it. But there's still going to be a significant lack of 1st party titles from Sony on the Vita, but I don't mind since I'd prefer if they had everyone working on PS4 games. Just look at how many games there have been on the Wii U in the past year+. These companies can't continue to support more than one system with a ton of games like they used to.

BLuTheSecond2785d ago

When will the vita start being good? When Sony introduces Vita emulation on their consoles. There are a lot of people like me who couldn't care less about about the system but would still love to play games like Persona 4 Golden.

Prime1572785d ago

Play tv hasn't any plans to come west. I would kill to play certain vita games on my tv instead.

G20WLY2784d ago

It's called Vita TV, not Play TV.

Vita TV allows you to play vita games on your TV and also allows you to play your PS4 on another TV in another room, with just one PS4. It's an awesome idea.

Play TV is a service Sony brought out about 8 years ago for people to watch, pause, rewind and record live TV through the PS3. I use it daily and have since the start - paid £20 for the box and not a penny since!

3-4-52785d ago

Vita is already good.

I used to think the same, and then I bought one and was like " OMG this thing is awesome"

It could definitely use a few more games that appeal to a wider audience but it's a solid system for sure.

* Sold my 360 for a Wii U, but now that it's baseball season I wanted to play some baseball.

* I can on my Vita via MLB The Show 13.
^ I can't play this game on anything else and it's awesome.
( Don't own a PS4 yet).

* Vita gives me certain games to play that I can't play on my 3DS, and my 3DS has games I can't experience on the Vita.

EVERY system is good, but it depends on the person.

* Are the 3-4 games you want enough to justify the purchase ? Do you need 10 + games, or maybe only 1 special game to make you love that system ?

MeLoveRamen2785d ago

'When will the ps vita start being good" your late to the party because its already good. The only real problem is it doesn't have enough western AAA games, but if your into AAA japanese games then its phenomenal, i personally love Japanese games so i love my vita but to get more popular in America it needs moar dood-bro.

Blackleg-sanji2785d ago

idk y u got disagrees thats really one of the main problems

TitanUp2784d ago

memory cards are also an issue.

Dhuie2784d ago

Agree with the Vita is a greta device !..

It's a sexy piece of kit. I love playing the games i have for it on the way to work. I love using it as a second controller on my PS4. I love using remote play and playing PS4 games in bed or on the move. The Skype app works well on it and i can call up my friends while im out.

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Neonridr2785d ago

I wouldn't say it's not good, but I don't enjoy the games as much as I do on my 3DS. That being said, if you own a PS4, then the appeal for the Vita goes up immensely. I love lying in bed playing Infamous because with a wife and kid, I don't get much gaming time.

The PS+ Instant game collection is nice, but without that I probably wouldn't own any games for my Vita.

While the PS4 has definitely increased people's views on the handheld, I doubt that Sony really wanted people to see as a PS4 controller FIRST and a gaming device SECOND.

Just my opinion.

randomass1712785d ago

On that I agree. That falls a lot under Sony's poor marketing of the Vita. But there is some hope since a number of Japanese games are ACTUALLY getting localized for the thing, which is a major plus. Ido agree though, as of right now the 3DS' library is a lot more appealing.

MasterCornholio2785d ago

Oh I see. Cheating on your family with your Vita now. Sneaky sneaky.


Jazz41082784d ago

Your right. Its lasted longer then psgo so its a resounding success for Sony.

Mankey2784d ago

The amount something has sold has absolutely no bearing on how good it is.

Fight Club was a commercial and critical failure when it was first released but people are in love with it these days.

fonger082785d ago

I just got a vita last week on clearance at Bestbuy. It is a really nice handheld and having some games right off the bat from PS+ is really nice. However, remote play works a lot better with my PS3 than the PS4... something to do with my router and the PS4 inability to talk to one another. Also taking the triggers and converting them to the touch panels on the back takes a STEEP learning curve. Being able to play PS1 games and Miami Hotline on the go is pretty fun, but this totally a niche product.

randomass1712785d ago

Trust me when I say this, going from a control stick to an analogue nub also has a learning curve to it, at least for me and my 3DS. :P

Neonridr2785d ago

the analog sticks I find to be too small IMO. At least on the 3DS the circle pad is large enough to accomodate your thumb. I may have to get the little circle attachments to increase the stick sizes on my Vita.

fonger082785d ago

@randomass171 oh I know, i can't tell you how many times my thumb slipped off the 3DS' during gameplay.

@Neonridr I haven't a problem with them yet... but I haven't played anything too long to really notice them being too small... though I do wish they had placed the thumb sticks a little closer together, it feels really crapped sometimes.

Thehyph2785d ago

If you're using remote play in your house, then your router should NOT be used.

By far and away the best method is the ad hoc WiFi. (Connect directly)

fonger082785d ago

I know, I just haven't really had a lot of time to mess around with it... though I'm curious as to my the PS3 works with the router and not the PS4? Whatever, I still have to get my brain and hands to adjust to the touchpad transition of the R2/L2 buttons... thx

Ninjatogo2785d ago

Not every game swaps the triggers for the touchpad. Some games will use a custom control scheme when you use remote play. Killzone Shadow Fall for instance will set it so the entire touchpad turns into the sprint toggle (double tap and hold), and L&R act as the triggers.

fonger082785d ago

I've only gotten the chance to play infamous and nba2k. I haven't checked to see if either use a custom control setup... though it would be extremely nice to use. Right now my brain is having a hard time adjusting

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Reviews2Go2785d ago

It is already very good. The release list this year so far has been crazy good. If you give it a chance, it's a great system.