Can Indie Games Carry PS4 to Greatness?

Ryan expresses his opinions and concerns on the Indie market and the Playstation 4.

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Massacred1862d ago

No alone, but a great mix of Indie, Mid sized and Triple A' games can.

randomass1711862d ago

^This. Indies cannot carry any platform. But they made fantastic additions to any library.

Yi-Long1861d ago

Exactly. For me, the best part of last gen might have been the amazing 'indies' and downloadable games, like Super Meat Boy, ilomilo, Journey, Trials, Mark of the Ninja, Defense Grid, etc etc.

Many of those have entertained me more and longer than many A-games managed to do.

levian1861d ago

Totally agree. Indie games may be fun, but hour long games can NOT carry any platform. Look at the Vita with 80% of it's games being indie games. Some great exclusives goes a LONG way

iceman061861d ago

They are the perfect filler to keep gamers from experiencing droughts. Unlike in the past, the indies are basically akin to what used to be those mid-level games (read: Not AAA) that came out in the PS2 era. They were more niche titles. But, were able to garner sales and attention enough to keep getting support. Between the indies, exclusives, multiplatform, and F2P titles, the PS4 should be filled to the gills with gaming options.

MRMagoo1231862d ago

What kinda question is it anyway, maybe if the PS4 was not getting all the best multiplats along with THE best looking exclusives e.g Infamous, then we could have some concern but as that isnt the case we dont even need to discuss it at all let alone have an article about it.

Reviews2Go1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I wouldn't say they, alone, can carry it, but it is definitely a piece to the puzzle and a nice element for the PlayStation ecosystem as a whole, particularly with games like flOw and Fez, where you buy it once and can play it on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

DigitalRaptor1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Pretending that indies alone dictates PS4's future is ridiculous.

However, the different experiences from these highly creative developers means that it will have much more going for it on the game front, from now and pretty much until the end of the cycle. Not just smaller 2D spite-based games, but larger more ambitious, almost-AAA quality games like SOMA, Rime, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Daylight, Earthlock and No Man's Sky.

These games fill in the gaps between the steady flow of AAA games, and ensures there's never nothing to play. And what is great, is that so many of these indie games will be sleeper classics. You're gonna see more and more ambitious devs with greater resources putting out larger games on consoles, that we're so used to seeing on PC.

The author has this to say: "We have a crap load of indie games to get through before all the fantastic and innovative titles hit the console".

I LOL'd. Indie games are the fantastic and innovative titles, and the fact this person thinks they are just a stop-gap that people have to trudge through is hilarious. There's been more raw creativity going on from indie devs than, AAA experiences in the past 5 years.

ltachiUchiha1861d ago

Agreed, he forgets that most these devs creating triple A titles now were either game testers or started off as an Indie developer to make it where they are now.

SageShinigami1861d ago

I LOL'd at your LOL. None of the indie titles look fantastic or innovative. And I don't like CoD or Titanfall or any FPS AAA stuff. But indies just don't look impressive.

I'm sorry, but the indies ARE stop-gaps to me.

DigitalRaptor1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

"There's been more raw creativity going on from indie devs than, AAA experiences in the past 5 years"

Prove otherwise.

It seems like you're judging games on their visuals as to how they compare as an overall gameplay experience.

SageShinigami1860d ago

Visuals are apart of the experience. If films looked like they did in the 90's, not many would be cool with it. But for some reason I have to be okay with games that look like they belong in the late 90's and early 2000's? No thanks.

By the way, burden of proof is not on me. Indies have to carve out their own niche. If they do, good for them. That doesn't make me more interested, but I don't wish anyone badly because that doesn't get me anywhere.

Godmars2901862d ago

They would have to stay exclusive and utilize the hardware more and more.

TheRealTedCruz1861d ago

Indie is just a brance - albeit a strong one - for all of the big three.
They are just a branch nonetheless.

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