Suikoden Coming to PS3/PSP?

VGG reports: "...So if a gamer missed out on Suikoden II for example during its original run at retail, he or she is now looking at spending over $100 USD for a complete copy on eBay. And that's all money that will go to another consumer, with Konami getting nary a dime of it.

Publishers may finally be realizing this however, as a listing for the original Suikoden for both PS3 and PSP has popped up on the ESRB's website recently. This is almost a sure sign that the RPG classic will be re-released on the PlayStation Store in the near future, most likely for a very reasonable price of $5.99 (although it is a Konami title, so it could see a premium price like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night's $9.99). Regardless of the price, it will be well below the game's $30+ asking price on eBay currently, and a positive sign that more "OMG ULTRA MEGA RAREZ!" titles could be coming in the future."

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Le-mo5871d ago

I prefer Tomba, Tomba II, Legend of Dragoon, and Rival Schools.

DrakenSilverwing5871d ago

Aren't they goin to make a legend of dragoon 2..? if so i can't wait.. as well as another Suikoden.. this will be good tho.. it is deffinately hard to come by the original games in good condition as well..

CrazzyMan5871d ago

But i wish they would make a sequel, i liked the first game. =)

PoSTedUP5871d ago

TOMBA!! i was just playing that not to long ago, i still have the first toysRus demo thats came with my playstation 1 when it first came out. remember geX and blasto. ps1 had the most addicting games.

crck5871d ago

and make it on Ps3 or 360.

jadenkorri5871d ago

i don't own a 360, so ps3 and 360

jadenkorri5870d ago

did i get disagrees for console of choice or saying on the 360 when Suikoden started on sony...

crimsonfox5871d ago

og games on psn but not ps1 games...or when the hell is street fighter coming it's been on xbl forever

TheTimeDoctor5871d ago

i want to see the lunar series

rakgi5871d ago

I always loved Suikoden I hope they do bring it to psn

theKiller5871d ago

but i never played it, just gone through 20 mins in the beginning and thats it, never had the time for it, is it good by the way?? i love FF7,8,10 and never played other RPG's so whats ur opinion about this game? whats the pros and cons?

thanks in advance!

Guwapo775871d ago

Suikoden series is awesome with a great storyline, graphics never reached Final Fantasy series of their times. For that reason I believe Suikoden series never stoodout. Best believe it's strong enough to stand without all the glitter. I recommend taking some time to become more familiar with the series.

crck5871d ago

Although the graphics aren't on the same level as the Final Fantasy series. The story and character development is on par or better then FF in my opinion. Give it a go and chances are it will hook you.