Hearthstone On PS4: Would It Work?

Hearthstone has been a huge success, but will we ever see it on console? Play Magazine investigates.

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randomass1711866d ago

Almost any port could work with the right developers and good funding behind it. This game is no different, especially if it was planned for Wii U.

FarEastOrient1865d ago

I'd like to see Hearthstone on my phone, tablet, and of course console.

Flutterby1865d ago

I'm pretty sure it's either on tablet now or in the very near future. I found it a waste of time myself because I wasn't willing to spend loads of money on cards to get some of the op ones so I lost against people who did a lot, took the fun out if it so I gave it up and uninstalled

awi59511865d ago

IF it was on console you would have to pay its free on PC with a WOW subscription.

STK0261865d ago

I'm pretty sure my WoW subscription has been cancelled about 5 years ago; yet I do have access to Hearthstone. I am unsure about your information awl5951.

Shabutie131865d ago

It's a Free to Play game. No WoW Subscription required. I got into the Beta back in the first wave (Luckily) and have enjoyed it off and on since then. You do not need to spend money to get "OP" cards, as proven by the top streamers. They will make decks of nothing but basic cards and still climb to the top. You can earn cards for free, and only Legendary are hard to come by. Legendary cards (While fun to use) are not instant game winners.

Spinal1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )


Hearthstone is a free to play game and it does not require a WoW subscription or anything else for that matter.

I don't know where you get your crap from mate. Do some research before spreading your crap.

I've also got Hearthstone on my iPad Air. Its going to arrive on the UK/US app store soon tho, its already available for New Zealand/Australia App Store.

They said Hearthstone will come to Phones later in the year but I don't see how it will work on those tiny screens.

Hearthstone is really fun and no you don't have to buy cards, you can get card packs just by doing the daily quests in the game like winning 3 matches in play mode etc.

randomass1711865d ago

I'd still like to see an RTS like Starcraft ported to Wii U. That gamepad seems perfect an RTS game.

awi59511864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Consoles don't get stuff like this free you guys pay just to connect to the internet. Even my DVD player can go online without help from Sony and Microsoft they must be doing it wrong its not that hard.

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ShinnokDrako1866d ago

I'd like it on my PS4. Why wouldn't it work?
I'm thinking about a PS4 version with Vita as a second screen too (optional).

SamPao1865d ago

That would be super great!

Raf1k11865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

To be honest this game doesn't need a second screen to be playable.

Card games don't require speed or precision. As long as you're able to select your cards easily it should be very playable with a DS4.

edit: Hearthstone is meant to have cross-play between PC and tablets so adding PS4 to that would be pretty cool.

Agent_hitman1865d ago

why not?, PS4 owners would love to play it on their system.

randomass1711865d ago

Great thing that that's a completely honest statement. Not only is the PS4 selling best right now, it's got some pretty nice attachment rates on software.

MasterCornholio1865d ago

Well Duels of the Planes walkers worked so I can't see why this game won't. It would also work on Vita as well.

SamPao1865d ago

I absolutely adore fight for fortune on the Vita. So I would welcome it on Vita/ps4!

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