Dead Nation Coming to PS Vita April 15th

Rogan Ogden on Apr 14, 2014 // Associate Producer, XDEV Studio Europe writes:

Back at E3 2013, the PS Vita version of Dead Nation was announced, and today I’m pleased to confirm that the game will be launching tomorrow. You’ll finally be able to carry the zombie apocalypse in your pocket. For those of you who still aren’t in the know after the launch of the PS4 version last month, Dead Nation is a top-down, shoot ‘em up style game set in an apocalyptic zombie world. This classic PSN game was originally developed by the talented team at Housemarque, also known for Resogun and Super Stardust HD.

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GuruStarr781865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Cool... a great time killer.. I can really see myself diving into this even more on the Vita than I did on the PS3..

Cross buy is great news as well...

randomass1711865d ago

Does cross-buy work if you already have the game? I already have this. Would I have to buy it again to own it on Vita or do I basically own both?

CocoWolfie1865d ago

basically youll have both i read :p i bought the game for ps3 a long time ago so i should have it when i pop open my vita store ^-^

Thehyph1865d ago

You get it for free if you have the PS3 version.

You don't get it for free from owning the PS4 version.

Fixay1865d ago

Great news for me. Sunk a lot of time into this game, a game I found more fun that I initially thought.

The vitas been getting a bit more use lately after getting stuck into Guacamelee! Another great game I didn't realise i'd like as much i do

randomass1711865d ago

It's just getting more content. This has been on PS3 for years. I know because I got it for free after PSN was hacked. Not to downplay this good news, but I want to hear about something exclusive before I jump up and cheer.

Chrono1865d ago

Did you miss the other announcements of today?

SamPao1865d ago

Freedom wars coming to the west :)

Inception1865d ago

Freedom Wars, SS Delta, and Oreshika 2 are exclusive to vita

Protagonist1865d ago


So you randomly chosed this article and Ignored the others with the Vita exclusives???

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randomass1711865d ago

I'm assuming you meant about Tales of Hearts? No I caught that. That to me is a lot more exciting than Dead Nation. That's a game that, while not exclusive to Vita in Japan, IS exclusive to the platform in the west and can actually help boost sales. Tales of fans are pretty dedicated. :)

metalgod881865d ago

And people said the Vita was dead in the water. The vita has always been amazing and finally, it's getting the games it deserves.

Blink_441865d ago

Yeah, ports of old games. Great.

Hanso1865d ago

LOL you missed the other 4 announcements today right?

Blink_441865d ago

Nope, all of those games they announced don't interest me in the slightest. I own the first soul sacrifice and it's not really my cup of tea.

WeAreLegion1865d ago

If none of those games interest you, I don't understand why you have a Vita.

Blink_441865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Yes because when I bought the vita back when it first came out I could see into the future and know every game that was going to be released.

Also, just because the games they announced don't interest me doesn't mean I don't like any of the games that are already out for it.

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psDrake1865d ago

I am a proud Vita owner. Sure I miss the promised AAA games but the fact that Sony will not release a handheld any time soon means that Vita will continue to get content for the foreseeable future.

Not a big fan of the ports but it's better than no content.

Irishguy951865d ago

"Not a big fan of the ports but it's better than no content. "

If anything it just signifies the lack of content. The Vita was the biggest waste of money with regards to gaming I have paid since the Gamecube

WeAreLegion1865d ago

I feel like you've missed a lot of content if that's true.

SamPao1865d ago

Govlook up the other announcements!

Farsendor11864d ago

interesting things coming to the vita, didnt think deadnation would get ported to be honest.

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