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gamrReview's Mathew Miller: "Is this Kinect’s killer app? No, but it feels like a small step in the right direction. Most of the games are enjoyable and work well. This is the best Kinect game on the market right now, and although that's not really saying much, hopefully Rare and other developers will use this as something to build off of."

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SteamPowered1651d ago

When will they get an app that actually makes the kinect worth owning?

guitarded771651d ago

Kinect has been around long enough for you to know the answer to that one. If you haven't seen anything you like yet, I wouldn't expect too much. Personally (as a Kinect owner), I think the body as a controller is far too limiting. Maybe with VR coming into the picture, there will be something interesting, but I'm sure there will be a lot of bugs to work out moving into this new hove VR fad.

MRMagoo1231651d ago

you would think that considering they had a whole gen on the 360 with it someone could make a decent game for it but alas its all shovel ware.

Spectator11651d ago

Dance Central was by all reports pretty great (not my cup of tea, but objectively speaking I can see that it's good). Other than that... yeah, mostly shovelware.

Septic1651d ago

A whole gen? The Kinect for the 360 was out late in the console's lifecycle.

Also, things are different now that the Kinect is included in the hardware and is a much more integral part of the OS. SO there is hope for games yet.

What's happened to PS MOVE btw? That's been completely neglected.

Wh15ky1651d ago

@ Septic

"What's happened to PS MOVE btw? That's been completely neglected."

As nobody has mentioned the PS Move, I don't think anybody here cares for it either.

So what's your point?

HurtfulTimez1651d ago

At least the move worked as it should, the move is 100% millimetre accurate. I play games on my ps3 still with it and its ps4 compatible

SilentNegotiator1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

His point was "Bu-but Sony Too™!"

Better neglected than shoved down our throats as a UI tool that plays crappy games.

Septic1651d ago


"His point was "Bu-but Sony Too™!" "

Ah trust you to come out with such a mature response. Well done.

I always preferred the MOVE to the Kinect and I've said it on here before too. But my point is this; is MOVE dead in the water too?

"Better neglected than shoved down our throats as a UI tool that plays crappy games."

Ah yeah; if only we knew it would get neglected that year when Sony devoted a huge chunk of its time at E3 on it.

But Kinect works brilliantly as a UI tool and games have only started to be released for it so how why jump the gun?

MasterCornholio1651d ago

"What's happened to PS MOVE btw? That's been completely neglected."

Sony saw that nobody wanted it so they excluded it from the PS4. However with Kinect Microsoft ignored the people who didn't want the camera and decided to include the XB1 with it.

In conclusion Sony listened to consumers and Microsoft didn't.

Hicken1650d ago

The Move is being used with Morpheus.

Regardless, it was and is a cheaper, more precise motion gaming device than Kinect. Sony did the smart thing by keeping it as an option and not forcing it upon us, and I doubt there's a gamer out there who was not aware of this and who does not appreciate that it didn't behind mandatory.

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Xdone1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


Kinect sports rivals, you beauty!

patrik241651d ago

it sits at very good 61 on metacritic

soon it will be on par with knack.

infectedaztec1651d ago

I played the demo and its quote fun. If I'm bored and need to do something with somebody who doesn't game its a perfect time killer.

I think kinect has a good future. The 2 games that excite me are FRU and D4.

I think FRU especially will show the value of the hardware. Such a simple game that looks great!