Destiny What to expect

In depth look at Destiny. With 5 months to go anticipation is building for the next game from Bungie.

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N311V1865d ago

This article is refreshingly well written. My interest in Destiny had started to wane but this got me excited for it again.

3-4-51864d ago

I expect to have fun. I don't own a PS4 yet either so I also expect to be broke.

This game looks awesome.

Chaostar1865d ago

Really looking forward to the beta this summer. Bungie on a Playstation is going to be weird but awesome.

TRD4L1fe1865d ago

I cant express how much my body is ready for this

XiNarutoUzumaki1865d ago

This game has yet to impress me. It looks like Bungie's Borderlands to me so far. It's not hate; it's just my observation

weirdo1864d ago

yeah, not too sure about destiny - will wait for reviews

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