Awesomenauts 2.3 adds Penny Fox and tons of fixes

A brand new Awesomenauts update has gone live today. Awesomenauts 2.3 Secrets of Space introduces Penny Fox, the 17th character to be added to the game.

If you have access to the Starstorm expansion, you can take on Penny Fox. She’s fast paced, agile and nimble, but at her most vulnerable when slowed or snared and can’t use speed.

In addition to Penny Fox, there is an insurmountable amount of tweaks for all the other characters in game, and some big balance changes. There are also three new skins, including the Cynical Vinnie skin, a new in-game song and some improved graphical effects. For instance, Solar Coins are shinier, airstrikes look more vibrant and tons more. The Droppod entry does look a little more violent and a little less safe, but not much.

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