The story of GoldenEye 007′s most notorious gun, The Klobb – and its design secret

There is a certain type of videogame enthusiast for whom the virtual gun is far more than a mere prop. He waits with grim anticipation for the list of which real-world weapons will feature in the latest blockbuster shooter, quietly fist-pumping the air when his favourites make the grade. Most players, however, view the specifics of digital weapons with mild indifference: inside a game, they will quickly find their favourite means of punching crimson holes in their enemies, but it’s unlikely they’ll remember the weapon’s name or finer details.

GoldenEye 007’s Klobb is a towering exception the rule, a gun so notorious that it even has its own dedicated Facebook page, albeit with the rather disparaging title ‘The Klobb is garbage in N64’s GoldenEye’.

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