NPD Predictions -- Will the Xbox One Finally Overtake the PlayStation 4?


Aril 17th is when we finally see which games and consoles sold the most in March. With a number of huge games released and a price drop from the Xbox One, we're anxiously awaiting the results of this heated month. Do we have any inside information? Nope, so don't run to your bookie to gamble your life saving's on our guesses. But we do have theories on how the retail wars played out.

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NYC_Gamer1678d ago

I believe the PS4 will have the edge by a few thousand units

BadboyCivic1678d ago

I love my Xbox one but let's be real, This Gen belongs to Sony...back to titanfall

georgeenoob1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Finally? It already did the first NPD.

The cheapest console usually always sells more in U.S, but with Titanfall, there's no stopping the more expensive X1.

1678d ago
Muerte24941678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

After hearing that in March Infamous:SS did over 1 million globally, I think PS4 will be close if not ahead. But I just want to know how many Infamous sold in US during those 9 days.

"One hope is that PCs once again outshine the competition. Developers have been consistently making games cross-platform with the PC benefiting. As the Playstation shines in power, it's still somewhat comparable to a Pentium 3 computer with a 3DFX video card." -
This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the actual article and seems more like submitter's opinion rather than either of authors'.

HaveAsandwich1678d ago

yup. they won't catch sony. they need to focus on doing on what they do, and make halo.

soljah1678d ago

well lets see
titanfall luanches only on xbox 1 and pc 360 version held back till april
titan fall given away free with the purchase of a xbone.
price of xbox 1 dropped by $50 at most retailers across the country
ps4 still was sold out in most places during march.
the XBOX BETTER HAVE SOLD MORE then ps4. they did everything but give the system away and lost a sh#t ton of money on every unit sold

morganfell1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I have mentioned this before but will do so again. I monitored 4 of the top retailers in the US very closely checking each respective Bestseller list 3 - 4 times daily. No it doesn't take your life to do this but rather clicking links in my Bookmarks requires less than a minute to check all the sites. These are Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop, and Best Buy.

The PS4 stayed in the top spot on each retailer list, even on the day Titanfall launched. The sole exception was a single 3 day period at Best Buy when the PS4 was out of stock. On day 4 at Best Buy stock was renewed and the PS4 went right back to number 1.

In addition, the PS4 held not just the number 1 spot at Gamestop all month but it held the number 2 spot as well. On top was the inFamous bundle and in second was the PS4 COD bundle.

3 out of 4 of these retailers have storefronts, Walmart, Best Buy, and Gamestop. I am not sure if their Bestseller lists calculate store and online sales to provide Bestseller information or not. But with the PS4 soundly ruling over all 4 lists during the entire month I would be very surprised if it was not in the top spot on NPD.

Amazon isn't necessarily a great litmus test for US sales but unlike other retailers they do maintain historical data on monthly bestsellers. As you can see for March totals there report a bit of disparity:

and that same pattern with a few more spaces between the units is continuing for April.

avengers19781678d ago

@georgenoob, just stop, I mean seriously just give it up already.

Back on topic.. Is this seriously an article about predicting what the NPD numbers will be, first NPD is just America not everything so it don't mean all that much in the grand scheme of things, 2 lets just wait till the numbers actually come out, then there's no need for speculative articles... This article is just BS, for the sake of BS

Jonny5isalive1678d ago

yeah uhh whats that about a pentium 3 computer? I had a pentium 3 with voodoo 3, whoever wrote that was probably not alive back then.

Rimeskeem1678d ago

Im just glad not all people who own xboxes are in denial.

Thank you BadboyCivic

tuglu_pati1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Reality is the bone will never outsell the PS4 globally it will never happen, now, It could dominate NA and Uk like the 360 did but other than that will be all PS4

AceBlazer131678d ago

If the PS4 still outsells the Xbox One that'd be pretty pathetic after the trumpeting of Titanfall as the second coming and Microsoft going hack'n'slash on the prices.

anything other than a huge gap would be sad on Microsoft's part.

sonic9891678d ago

PC haaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa are you for real haaaahaaaaaaaa .
PC he says LOL .
back to my mind .
dont worry about your little pc you will still have boring games like diablo 3 ouch that i found that game for 30 $ and sheeesh it was a poison

StrawberryDiesel4201678d ago

Pretty much, but that's what happens when you sell a better product than your direct competitor at a cheaper price. I just picked one up myself as in March and I couldn't be happier.

kreate1678d ago

NPD shows USA retail only right?

kenshiro1001678d ago

Yep, it does. Sony started out the right way with the PS4.

-Superman-1678d ago

If Microsoft sold their consoles at 200 dollars then this gen belongs to Microsoft.
Nothing is over.

MazzingerZ1678d ago

After the first E3 has passed and a year gone all these number would be more representative, myself still waiting to purchase either console, need to beat a couple of PS3 games before, I'll get a PS4 but later, out of stock all the time here anyways...

Gunstar751678d ago

You need to get a new hobby. Checking the top 4 retailers sales 3 to 4 times daily is...well..... Sad.....

Ritsujun1678d ago

Poor GGn00b.
Don't give up, MS!!!!

cfc781678d ago

Can you look back into your crystal ball and give me next weeks lottery numbers? not being funny but nobody knows how this gen will end after only 6 months.

morganfell1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"If Microsoft sold their consoles at 200 dollars then this gen belongs to Microsoft.
Nothing is over."

And if fairies gave each person a console of their choice the generation would be decided by sheer want.

Flights of fancy do nothing to assist and further a logical discussion.

If anyone thinks it is sheer price alone that is keeping the Xbox behind the PS4 they would be grossly mistaken. This past month Walmart sold a PS4 bundle that sat in first place the entire month. The cost of that bundle? $517. This outsold the Titanfall bundle, even with the Titanfall bundle price cut, the entire month.

The inFamous PS4 bundle at Gamestop outsold the Titanfall bundle the entire month. The cost of that bundle? $477.97. The COD PS4 bundle outsold the Titanfall bundle the entire month. The cost of that bundle? $549.96.

They could have had Titanfall and an Xbox One for less.

It isn't price alone that is keeping Sony in first place.

@Gunstar, it took me less time to check those sites for an entire day than it does for you to check your email for messages from all of your super important friends that were doubtless sending you earthshaking insights.

Less than a minute to check the sites.

It's called being informed. It amazes me that individuals come here and spend 30 minutes, even hours for some people reading, typing, and responding to points of view but feel that less than a minute to keep one's self up to date is too grand a price to pay.

If you want a real waste of time, type a post that has an opinion driven by absolutely zero research. Better yet, read one of those posts and reply to it as I just did.

awi59511677d ago

Are you console people still fighting over this the xbox is 500 dollars. It shouldnt even be close

SilentNegotiator1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

If VGC's numbers are even a mile within the ballpark of accuracy, then definitely not. Xbone outsold Ps4 for one week, and only by 12K, before going back to being nearly doubled by Ps4.

edit: oh right, NPD. The US numbers might be close.

frostypants1677d ago

The One has a so-so shot at matching the PS4 in the US. Globally the PS4 is going to outsell it by 1.5-1 to 2-1 without much effort, barring a rash decision by MS (e.g. a massive price cut).

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Abriael1678d ago

Funny thing.

Whoever wrote this article is a noob. NPD numbers come next week, not today.

Eonjay1678d ago

I'm pretty sure they are supposed to come today. How do you figure next week?

MeLoveRamen1678d ago

must have been georgeenoob:/

Abriael1678d ago

@Eonjay: I didn't figure. I know. :D

DemonChicken1678d ago

But doesn't the person who wrote it mention this on the first paragraph

"April 17th is when we finally see which games and consoles sold the most in March. With a number of huge games released and a price drop from the Xbox One, we're anxiously awaiting the results of this heated month."

The article on Gamespot seems more like a debate more than anything else.

Abriael1677d ago

@DemonChicken: It was edited. Initially it said "today"

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HeWhoWalks1678d ago

@ georgenoob: Then explain what happened the week inFAMOUS released? I believe the X1 was stopped then.

OT: Probably not, but then, even if it does, April, May and so on will probably continue to sway Sony's way. This isn't the 360 vs PS3, times have changed (again, back in Sony's favor).

OpieWinston1678d ago

Well I like to look at this gen being a reversal of powers. Sony and Microsoft have switched spots which means Microsoft will be forced to do what Sony did...which is bring more AAA exclusives to their platform.
Sony's been taking it easy when it comes to AAA exclusives.
They may just take it easy and let Microsoft catch up with AAA games...
Either way, good competition this gen. No more Don Mattrick and two Gaming focused Heads.

HeWhoWalks1678d ago

@ Opie: I'm not sure how how Sony is taking it easy on "AAA" exclusives. Big budget games are in development, and, if memory serves me correctly, 2007/'08 didn't see an abundance of Triple A titles either.

The first years of a console's life are never what you should go on, or you will look misinformed.

DigitalRaptor1678d ago

There's no reversal going on in the slightest, OpieWinston.

Sony hasn't been "taking it easy when it comes to AAA exclusives". They've been providing an insane number of games for their PS3 gamers to cap off a generation in style and respect for the consumer who's supported them for a generation.

Microsoft's performance from 2011-2013 was a joke, and no wonder they have more AAA exclusives at the moment for their brand new machine. Sony could have done the same, but they didn't. The thing is, most of those "AAA exclusives" from Microsoft are licensed 3rd party. MS signed some deals for developers to release their games on November 22nd for launch. And we know the majority of those games needed extra time in the oven.

Your last sentence was at least valid.

MeLoveRamen1678d ago

Opie how can you tell if Sony's has been taking it easy when it comes to AAA exclusives when the console has only been out for 4 months. Guess what, if it wasn't for Microsoft moneyhatting third party developers they would only have forza and lococycle for exclusives. You know what that tells me that Microsoft will never have more AAA exclusives than sony because later in the consoles life third party publishers aren't gonna want a exclusive deal with Microsoft because Sony's is outselling xbox 2:1 or probably moar.

kenshiro1001678d ago

@ Opie, Sony taking it easy?

They just got started. Just because there were some layoffs, doesn't mean they stopped making games.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles1678d ago

I think worldwide, it could be closer but the NPD is USA only so it would be crazy if XBOX One didn't outsell PS4 in the NPD even with Titalfall. I'm sure it did.

Flamingweazel1678d ago

Closer? PS4 makes x1 its bitch WW, and even TF made little diference.

T21678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Not crazy. I think the price drop bundles will help xboxone, but it will still be close. Xboxone may inch out ps4 this npd but then ms has zero AAA titles until when? This March npd if ms doesn't turn it around will be the start of a loooong summer for ms. Sony will sell Diablo, destiny, ff, the order, the last of us and maybe even h1z1

DonMingos1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Someone has to report and permaban the submiter as he makes stuff that isn't on the article, just to fuel flame wars.

"One hope is that PCs once again outshine the competition. Developers have been consistently making games cross-platform with the PC benefiting. As the Playstation shines in power, it's still somewhat comparable to a Pentium 3 computer with a 3DFX video card."

And he did the same on this other article:

"At some point, EA plans to discuss Origin, and how even why it's better than the Playstation Store. The Xbox market will be left untouched as it falls somewhere above Origin and below Steam."

Who is approving this s**t?

weekev151678d ago

I dont know why you got multiple disagrees. The submitter blatantly made stuff up that isnt even implied in the article. If you want to express an opinion do a blog. Dont pretend that an article comparing ps4/x1 sales has anything to do with the pc master race. Shameless

andrewsqual1678d ago

The bigger question is will PS3 sales continue to beat Xbox 360 over the next 5 years.

1678d ago
HammerKong1678d ago

who ever wins i dont care but it's good that there is competition ,it will make ms to make right decisions and we may can get mindblowing games,people call them greedy which they are but ms is having a lot bigger approcach than sony and they can give us those amazing things which sony may cant give us and we may can watch realy cool things wether its in tech or in games,but sony is gone realy ahhed and i think sony would be ahed by some little millions may be 2 or 4 millions,but as i said who so ever wins ,directly gaming will win,which ever company will provide better games,they will automaticly win for me and other people.

ITPython1678d ago

Nobody wins if MS is paying for parity that drags games down to the level of the lowest common denominator.

Competition is indeed good, but the way MS does competition is by hurting their competitors to make themselves look better, rather than actually improving their product to gain more appeal.

That is the WRONG kind of competition. MS needs to GTFO and pass the reigns to a more honest company that encourages growth and development, rather than stagnating it with lies, deception, and bribery.

showtimefolks1678d ago

even if xbox one can manage to barely out sell the ps4, world wide sales will make sure each month sony gains few 100K

mediate-this1677d ago

Can i get a job bro? Yes sony is doing amazing, reclarifying that doesnt make it any more true, i love how when 360 was beating ps3 guys were saying its not over. I think it balances out in the end, first adopters will definitely buy both down the line, alot of people end owning multi consoles in the end

imt5581678d ago

I think that in US Xbone will have more units sold in March than PS4, but for a slight margin. PS4 has also strong sales because of InFamous.

solar1678d ago

why is this in the PC section of N4G?

Gamer19821678d ago

My though is if Sony sold more PS4 in March with stock shortages, MS cutting the console to a point its losing on the console AND it had to pay for titanfall exclusive MS has badly took a big blow early in this console war. One it will take a while to recover from. See If companies do make a gamble early on like that and it doesn't pay off they are less likely to do it again which doesn't bode well for MS as they are not exactly known for many first party AAA exclusives. I think even outselling by a few thousand can't be seen as a win but MS PR will spin it that way.

Retroman1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"will the XONE finally take over ps4"

how is that even remotely possible?? since ps4 launch it has been sold-out everywhere around the world.
and yet we get todays article "will x-one take over ps4".
amazing how a console been reported sitting cozy on shelf space as a home at local retailer can claim possible take over ps4 sales. where do these editors get the info from ???


xboxland???? i highly doubt it U.S. was calling 360 xboxland. in the city i live in and city my son live in they was trying to sell 360 anyway they can.pawnshops, on the streets i myself seen gamers run up to a car at red light begging to sell also supermarket parking lot trying to get rid of the JUNK after the RROD scare.

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Paulie_gualtieri1678d ago

In the USA? Maybe.I mean, it's insane that PS4 has outsold xbox at all in the U.S.

U.S has been the bastion of xbox strength throughout the entire 360 lifecycle.PS3 was always close behind in the NPD numbers but it was long cemented as xbox land.

That fact that PS4 came out and just took it right over, easily, is HUGE.Tho i expect it to be a big back and forth battle for years to come.Every time a big exclusive is released.

truefan11678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

You do realize America has been the biggest consumer of playstation since it was created right. Stop your insane talk, sony released a good console at a cheaper price, hell I almost bought it and I just didn't enjoy ps3 at all.

In terms of March NPD it's impossible to know who won because Sony has been manipulating stock. It's like they did enough to win Feb then saved the rest to release on Titanfall launch week and the infamous launch. Good strategy I must admit. I still think Titanfall is just too powerful though, even though it's common theme to act like it flopped it sold over 1 million in America alone in one week (educated guess). Everyday I see a few more people on my friends list playing on XB1.

All in all it will be interesting indeed. GO XB1!!!!

mrpsychoticstalker1678d ago

Totally agree truefan1!

Xbox will eventually overtake the PS4.

Skankinruby1678d ago

None of anything you said makes any sense to this article. US being the highest selling market for both consoles does nothing to sway against the fact that last gen Xbox dominated the US in sales and now its a whole different story. The only thing powerful about titanfall was its hype, the consumers have spoken and it most definitely was a disappointment when compared to the 'second coming of Christ' type image Microsoft tried giving it prior to its release. And manipulating stock in no way shape or form changes overall sales, if it accomplished anything at all it briefly shifted public focus from the titanfall release. Just like last gen Microsoft put all their eggs in one basket and it didn't pay off like they arrogantly expected it to. Also don't try to ignore the huge percentage of those titanfall 'sales' that were a result of the game being bundled with the console for free

guyman1678d ago

You're a blind kid if you didnt enjoy the PS3. I place my money on you not even owning a PS3. If you didnt "enjoy the PS3" than by that logic, the xbox 360 was a piece of c**p

king_george1678d ago

Ugh go f**k yourself truefan1. You're annoying -_-

Lol im not really one to lash out but screw it

Whiskeyjacked871678d ago

I have come to the conclusion that you are purposefully trying to amass the record for most disagrees, yet, I'm am still pondering that very purpose. Keep it up though, you make us all shine a little brighter with your lame, dull, ignorance.

DigitalRaptor1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I think by now, replying to truefan1 is a redundancy, so I may leave the little kid to his delusions that align with his preferences from now on. We'll see.

@ mrpsychoticstalker

You gonna elaborate on that, or just continue agreeing with an idiot?

DarXyde1678d ago

America being the biggest consumer of PlayStation doesn't mean very much if, last generation, the XBOX outsold it by quite a margin.

It means PlayStation is taking back its market share. To think one game (a new IP, at that) is going to suddenly make ANY console a sales torrent, that's absurd.

TitanFall will likely do better than it has, but with the XBOX 360. The install base is there and people love their X360s.

All in all, the XBOX One will likely not outsell the PlayStation 4 this generation. It may catch up and eventually pass it in the US, but it won't be by XBOX 360 margins.

MysticStrummer1678d ago

"I think by now, replying to truefan1 is a redundancy"

Include georgenoob, XBoxFun, MorePowerOfGreen, edonus, and one or two others in that category. Truly in a class by themselves. A very special class.

OT - XB1 will never catch PS4 worldwide, but in the US it's certainly possible. Even if it does, the gap won't be anything like 360/PS3. Market share will cease to be an important bragging point for XB fans sometime between now and then.

MeLoveRamen1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

truefan maybe you didn't enjoy the ps3 because you never had one or a Microsheep and i do believe that Europe is sony's biggest consumer of the playstation, so please stop commenting on playstation articles because all you bring is nothing to the table but lies.

kenshiro1001678d ago

Sony has been manipulating stock?!

Guys, is this guy serious?

Dude, put down the joint and walk away. You're getting too high there.

insomnium21678d ago

Guys do what I do. I have truefan and psycho here on my ignore-list. It's great!

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Eonjay1678d ago

Overtake... no. But it can surly when for the Month. I predict that the final result for March will have the Xbox One ahead by as much as 25k but it will do little to end Sony overall lead in The States.

Philoctetes1678d ago

If the xbone didn't outsell the PS4 in NA in March, it never will.

Why o why1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Halo month....I believe that month will do the trick unless sony releases an uncharted or gran turismo within the same period. Halo still has more sway than titanfall. It would be painful for those guys if titanfall doesn't do the trick this month.....a lot of anger I sense. If it does then a lot of jubilation will ensue. It would be good for a new ip to make a difference instead of the tried and tested. It may encourage the more of the same. Thats my take, I mean look at tlou..... when done right, new ips can leave bigger marks