AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Review - 11.5 Teraflops of Rendering Power | Eurogamer

"11.5 teraflops of rendering power - Digital Foundry stress-tests the world's fastest graphics card. "

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F4sterTh4nFTL2312d ago

"It's quite an achievement. We're looking at a consumer product with 6.25x the GPU power of PlayStation 4 available less than six months after the console launched."

windblowsagain2311d ago

Why would they mention PS4.

PS4 is a console that has to fit into a certain price bracket, with lower power output among other things.

You could already buy cards that has more GPU power then PS4.

This card costs $1500. lol.

Nivida's next one is even more expensive.

gillri2311d ago

more overpowered hardware that will never get close to being utilised,

Khorneholio2311d ago begs to differ with that opinion. :)

Milruka2311d ago

Wrong, I've already a 4k monitor and my 2 4GB 770's run it fine, but I wouldn't mind getting a even more powerful system so I could run across 3 of them.

But then again someone who hasn't used 4k yet wouldn't understand how amazing the quality actually is.