Happy Feet - First Wii Screens

Midway have today released the very first screens of Happy Feet on Wii.

Happy Feet is an immersive adventure game filled with song and dance that puts the player in the "tap shoes" of Mumble, a young penguin born into a nation of singing Emperor Penguins. Unfortunately, Mumble can't sing a note...but he can tap dance something fierce! Mumble's inability to find his "Heart-Song" means that he can never truly belong, or more importantly, win the affection of his beloved Gloria, one of the most sought-after penguins in the nation. Following the general storyline of the film, the player will be able to experience life from the point of view of Mumble; in exploration, music, dance and interaction with the friends and enemies of the penguin's world. You will become Mumble from fluffy toddler to confident adult as you belly-slide, kick, break, swim and dash through the enormity of Antarctica. The playful and lively music soundtrack complements the exciting rhythm matching game play and two-player dance-off competitions. Mumble will leave the colony an outcast, but return a hero, using his unique toe-tapping talent to save the Emperor Nation!

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BIadestarX4448d ago

I have a feeling that most wii game will follow the same game play. This game seem to play like Tony Hawk... move foward and try not to hit any objects... like a racing game. The other game play is like metroid(FPS).

ChickeyCantor4448d ago

with the controllers we have now...........all games are played the same......its obvious to move your character to "tilt" it to left or would you do it then?

its logic that controller schemes are going to look the same....the first one who comes up with a new way to play wont be the last.