First Footage from UE4-powered Dead Crusade

LGN: "After the recently released handful of screenshots, we now have the first footage from the Unreal Engine 4-powered Dead Crusade, a co-op action horror game that takes place in medieval times, developed by Aesthetic Games Inc."

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Whatsupdog1750d ago

Combat mechanics could be a bit more fluid and polished, but this does look interesting + nice visuals.

Septic1750d ago

Lmao at the guy at 0:37

"Aaaargh....*guy turns around* ....aaah I'm just playin...*collapses*

Derekvinyard131750d ago

The visuals are great as expected, let's hope it plays good

AltairvsEzio1750d ago

Human shish kebab shown in the video lol

hollabox1750d ago

Looks good, but The Order looks better (Minus the aspect ratio black bars)!

JsonHenry1750d ago

Poor animations. Average visuals for a PC game (Thief already looks better than that!) and lackluster particle effects.

However the lighting effect were really nice. Overall there was nothing here that couldn't be much more polished and impressive by the time it hits shelves. I'll keep an eye on this one for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.