Unreal Engine 4-powered Medieval Action Horror Dead Crusade – first screenshots

Aesthetic Games Inc. has issued a trio of images from their Unreal Engine 4-based medieval co-op action horror title with RPG elements set during the Black Death pandemic in 14th century Europe.

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Whatsupdog1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Am a sucker for games set in medieval times, and this reminds me of Army of Darkness a bit. This and Kingdom Come are on my radar :-)

Belasco1688d ago

Doesn't look all that impressive, might be fun though.

PFFT1688d ago

Looks great BUT ummm where is the PS4 version???
IF they add the Ps4 as well ill make sure to donate.

jeremyj29131688d ago

I'd like to see gameplay but I'm intrigued. Really want a fun hack'n slash to play on my PS4. Can't wait for a fighting game as well.