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BitbyDeath1750d ago

Hope not, next Borderlands needs to be on current consoles not lastgen ones.

Matt6661750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I think this post is a load of rubbish because he says something completely different in a different interview

BlueCroup1750d ago

Yes he says Gearbox aren't working on a Borderlands title.

If you read the piece this is being developed by 2K Australia

1750d ago
MasterCornholio1750d ago

You know what they say?

This ain't no place for the wicked.

Gamer19821750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Cant see it not going next gen since porting from PC to next gen wouldn't take them long at all.. If its slated for a 2015 release they would be cutting out around nearly 20 million people by then. So I see this going next gen. If not then theres always PC which has been doing next gen type graphics and better for years now.

Maybe an exclusive deal has been struck and there waiting until E3 to announce?

BlueCroup1750d ago

It's being officially unveiled at PAX East this week I hear

3-4-51750d ago

This is probably for the Walking Dead type games they are making within the Borderlands universe.

showtimefolks1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

loot system has to be better
everything can't be a grind only to get average loot
guns need to be more diverse
guns need to be better

I love Borderlands 1 but hate Borderlands even though it improved everything from the first game besides the loot rewards. In the first game we kept getting good weapons and shields every few levels but in borderlands 2 you had to grind by beating same boss 30 times to be able to get good loot or hack your save

after playing borderlands 2 i hated gaming so much that i didn't touch another game for 4 or so months

also this needs to be on next gen not current, if it launches on current gen than you can bet that they will make next gen ports

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Ratty1750d ago

I'm not sure it's such a good idea to skip currentgen in favor of lastgen's install base. I know I'm starting to skip on lastgen games and/or getting them for PC instead if they're not releasing on nextgen. I'm probably not the only one. You still can't deny the install base of lastgen but we have to move on someday.

elhebbo161750d ago

sure, but he's there chance to test new ground. personally I'm not affected by this, most probably will get the PC version IF this rumor is true.

TXIDarkAvenger1750d ago

True, but by the time this game comes out, its going to be well over a year since the release of current gen consoles.

dumahim1750d ago

Doesn't explain why they wouldn't also do current-gen. At the earliest, this would be out this Fall and PS4/XBO user base will be even bigger then.

I can see them not doing JUST current-gen and PC, but to exclude it at that point, makes no sense.

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Back-to-Back1750d ago

If a new borderlands comes out only of last gen hardware it will flop so hard and put 2k out of business.

rawshack1750d ago

Oh this explains why we never went to the moon in borderlands 2

CaptainSellers1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

What last gen? I am disappoint

At least make it cross gen...

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