Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified now only $9.99 new

The PS Vita's only Call of Duty game just got a massive price cut.

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GuruStarr781684d ago

Yeah, thats about what its worth..

yazter1684d ago

Even if THEY pay YOU 9.99 to get this game, it's still not worth it.


A guy who actually bought this game full price AND platinumed it.

TheGrimReaper00111684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

No offence sir, but if you seem to not like it, then why the fuck did you platinumed it?

Besides, from what I've seen and heared online, Killzone mercenary is the only good FPS on the vita market ATM and I'm glad I got it (and no, remote play dont count, I mean actual vita games)

yazter1684d ago

Because I am a completionist. I get 100% in every game I add to my Trophy list.

And yes on KZ:M

vergilxx31683d ago

It's £44.99 on UK psn..
No wonder people here don't buy games