GBA Wii U Virtual Console Titles Announced

Nintendo of Europe has reveled the first batch of titles that would be available with the price tag of £6.29.

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Locknuts2759d ago

Man just bought all three today. I'll get Golden Sun and Yoshi's Island when they come too. The games looks great on the gamepad. They play even better than I remember too.

Drithe2759d ago

I would imagine it looks even better on the BIG SCREEN!!

3-4-52759d ago

About to get Advance Wars in a bit.

I had a GBA back in the day and the only games I had for it were Advance Wars 1&2.

Put well over 1,000 into them and I can't wait to do it again.

Such a well made game.

Sathur2759d ago

I will need to check these out. I loved my GBA