Braben showers PS3 with love

David Braben, who also created classics like Zarch and Virus and more recently new Theme Park-style PS2 outing Thrillville, believes that Sony has got some key decisions absolutely right, despite widespread criticism of the company's approach to the PS3 launch.

Braben, who's also working on the next-gen political thriller The Outsider told CVG, "I'm very wary the moment there's a fashion to knock Sony and I think it's a big mistake. The fact that they have succeeded very well twice, they're one of the few companies to have gone outside core gamers. Don't write them off."

The Elite creator compared the current situation to the days of Sega's ill-fated Dreamcast saying, "The Dreamcast was a great machine but it was really killed by the press and the industry before it got out. It was a perception thing."

However Braben believes that Sony's decision to forgo a closed Microsoft Xbox Live service could prove a big win for the embattled company and could also be a key component of the PS3's success.

"I think the important thing with PS3 is it could do very very well. It's got the web browser and people are saying, 'yeah big deal' but it's the philosophy behind it, the fact that you can go to any site ...for example you know Phil Harrison demoing YouTube on the machine.

"That shows a very different [approach]. It's not a narrow gateway, highly controlled by one person. A game can drive you to a specific site for that game, with tons of stuff to download for it for example. I think that is very very positive."

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HiSpeedSoldier615323d ago

No typical xbox fanboy bull$hit about how the PS3 is the worst console in the history of gaming (even though none of them have even touched a PS3, which leaves two things they have never touched, including a woman) and that this story is stupid and xbox 360 will rule the universe.

Damn are they just slow today or what?

Or are they now realizing the folly of their idiotic, half-baked opinions?

Grown Folks Talk5323d ago

it's stupid to comment about the system sucking when they haven't played it. just about as stupid as saying how it's greater than everything else without playing either. you're the one making the ps3 will be better than sex comments. maybe you haven't touched a woman.