10 PC games Microsoft can revive for PC

Gamecrastinate has put together a wishlist of our top 10 games that we'd love to see Microsoft bring back from the dead, or at the very least port to the PC.

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Magnus7011687d ago

Some of those aren't PC games. Also, why not just ask for updates or sequels to those games in general? New Forza came on the Xbox One where all Forza games originated (on the Xbox) and I am pretty sure that Crimson Skies had a recent addition on the 360.

Gamecrastinate1687d ago

You're absolutely right, they aren't all PC games. We looked at lists of first party titles published by Microsoft Studios in the past on both PC and Xbox as well as titles that have been released by third parties as Xbox exclusives.

A big theme in our list is the need for Microsoft to get back to developing / publishing first party titles on PC to push innovation and re-establish their Windows PC game dominance.

Linux, Steam OS, Mac OS, Android, and iOS have taken a lot of the market share Microsoft previously dominated. It's very likely that to keep their position with Windows and DirectX as core PC gaming technologies they will need to bring some Xbox titles over to Windows.

aliengmr1687d ago

Why Forza?

Not that its bad or anything, but that market is kind of saturated at the moment.

Same with MSFS. While not saturated, there is some competition there.

MS really just gave up on the PC games market. And to be honest I really don't think they want try and establish themselves beyond the Win platform.

And really, Freelance should have been there.

WeedyOne1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Age of Mythology is getting an updated steam release, I'm happy with that. Age of Empires also got an HD steam release.

Gamecrastinate1687d ago

Yeah! We finished our list last night and this afternoon they announced an HD update to Age of Mythology. It's probably inevitable that Age of Empires 3 will eventually get an HD remake too.

We'd still love to see Age of Empires 4 though.

Raf1k11687d ago

Age of Empires 3 still looks pretty good. I'm sure it supports modern resolutions though I haven't played it in years.

iSpeakTruth__1687d ago

I'm still trying to figure out why the new Zoo Tycoon isn't on PC

Upbeat1687d ago

erm halo 3? Gears or war 2? Lost odyssey? Doom 4? need I go on. Those Tycoon games are a complete joke IMO, but its only opinion

Gamecrastinate1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

We don't disagree with Halo or Gears of War. Neither of them are dead titles though, which is what our list tried to focus on. Lost Odyssey is a great choice too, good catch!

The Doom series isn't a Microsoft Studios title, nor an Xbox exclusive.

Whether you love tycoon or RTS games you have to admit the fact that Microsoft has made a lot of influential strategy titles.

StealthPandemic1687d ago

But Those aren't PC Games (couple were on PC but not ALL). Lost Odyssey? There hasn't been a new in years. DOOM is not a Microsoft Property nor Xbox exclusive.

LAWSON721687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I would love me some Halo 3 and either Forza 3 or 4. Lost Odyssey would be great but I dont see that happening, at least it is an offline game so an emulator would be a great alternative that is when we get a stable one.

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