The 8 games that last forever

BT Games: "Most games have an ending; a limit to their structure. But some just go on forever. Here are our favourite everlasting adventures."

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ThatArtGuy2673d ago

Um... no Little Big Planet? Some of the other choices are questionable as well.

fonger082673d ago

I agree with Rockband and Street Fighter, but I heavily disagree with the COD/BF/TitanFall games usually are only as fun as the competition which is usually laced with cheaters, 10yr olds, or the people you'd seriously worry if there was something mentally wrong with them.
If I had to put together a list:
Final Fantasy III
Super Mario 64
Rock Band II

Are_The_MaDNess2673d ago

no love for Dota 2.
LMAO such a sad list IMO

mezati992673d ago

skyrim..almost 250 hours and i am still wanting more

Are_The_MaDNess2673d ago

only 250? weaksauce :P
still play Skyrim on a weekly basis.

Dota 2 is climbing on to 1100 hours soon here >____<

LAWSON722673d ago

Pokemon games are games I always find myself coming back to.