Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Review

When Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball came out on Xbox, there was much talk about how many people didn't "get" the game. But let's be honest, there wasn't a whole lot to get. It was a relationship game with volleyball tacked on where success meant you got to see the lovely Dead or Alive girls in outfits that ranged from revealing to absurdly revealing. It was a thin game, but fun nonetheless and I probably spent more than my fair share of time collecting everything. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 was a chance for Team Ninja to expand the idea into a fully realized game. Instead, they've decided to improve the graphics, add a few poor mini-games and call it a day. Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 feels like a shameless cash-in to a series that is already pretty shameless.

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kmis874452d ago

Alright, now that this crap is done with bring on the next Ninja Gaiden! I hope this Itagaki scandal doesn't distract him from it, because I've got big hopes for the sequel, and the Ninja Gaiden Sigma remake can probably only hold me off for so long.

GamerX24452d ago

Now let's get back to the REAL BUSINESS.....And Make Ninja Gaiden 2 And DOA 5 BEFORE YOU GO TO JAIL PLEASE!!!

Antan4452d ago

LOL! what a cheap game!!! tut tut, no bonus points here.

Gh0stDrag0n4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

It is a vollyball game people, how exciting is that? At least it gives some loosers something to jerk-off too:P What would you rather have hairy guys in g-strings and spandex? If your going to play a vollyball game wouldn't you rather see "hot" chicks bouncing all over the place? You all know you want it, and will get it so who are you kidding? I say bring on the camel-toes and headlights, lets see some fur. Make it a AO rated XXX pornfest, that is what everyone really wants. Buncha' freaks.

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