Fondling – Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

I swear, it’s a game.
Our Fondling video series lets editors play the games for your entertainment purposes. They come in many flavors, but all taste equally sweet.

Ken takes a small vacation with the girls of Dead or Alive and gets more than a little uncomfortable.


Dead Or Alive Evolution of Body Physics - 1996 - 2016

A video which looks at the evolution of the Dead Or Alive characters and the inclusion of body physics over the years.

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Imp0ssibl32737d ago

This is all for science,folks!

timmyp532736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Yeah. This is reaching incredible heights I mean just look at this man.


https://giant.gfycat.com/Sm... << =O

Eonjay2736d ago

As a... man of science... I must say, that second pick is an amazing technical achievement... Thank you Japan. Thank you very much for being you!

blackblades2736d ago

Second image makes me want it now.

Black0ut2736d ago

Almost bought DOA 5 on sale the other day lol. You can obviously see what the 'attraction' to the game is X'D

blackblades2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

Extreme volley has better physics then doa5.

Black0ut2736d ago

so in other words, better boobies then? you learn something new every day.

DivineAssault 2736d ago

DOA is an amazing fighting game. The chicks are just a bonus.

TheCommentator2736d ago

The age affecting boob physics was present in the original DOA as well. When said that you were 99 years old, their boobs were just ridiculously funny to watch.

AgentSmithPS42736d ago

This looks better than I expected, it'd be a PSVR seller if it ever supports it.

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Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 Vs Xtreme 3 Head to Head (2006 vs 2016)

A comparison video looking a the differences between the 2006 Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2 and the most recent Xtreme 3 on the PS4/PS Vita.

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vanity292738d ago

And people said it looked the same. Soft engine ftw

zackdollars2738d ago

It's the same game with some texture and lighting improvements. The same polygon and skeletal models. The same stages and re-used assets. Typical Japanese game development. Tecmo should be embarrassed.

lfc_4eva2737d ago

Some dodgy looking tan lines on number 2 ;-)

Bytor2737d ago

The boobs don't bounce around anymore.


Searching for Demakes 2 – What Became of a Parody Game Developer

Twinfinite continues it's search for the elusive copy of Sexy Seaside Beachball.

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