Guardian Game review: Haze - 'Haze is undoubtedly the best full-blown FPS for PS3 so far'

Guardian writes: "PS3 owners have been licking their lips in anticipation of Haze, the first next-gen effort (and a rare PS3 exclusive first-person shooter) from Free Radical, the developer behind the TimeSplitters games. But while it's very enjoyable to play, it also disappoints somewhat. Its strongest point is a sumptuous control system that combines accuracy and responsiveness to stunning effect. Its story is good, too: set in a world dominated by the Mantell corporation, you begin as a Mantell trooper, hyped up on a drug called Nectar, but end up as one of the Promised Hand rebels, a duality that introduces subtle changes in gameplay.

But that gameplay - combining shooting, Halo-like driving and a few cursory puzzles - never feels innovative, and the graphics are, frankly, awful. An innovative story-based multi-player mode should prove popular, though, and Haze is still undoubtedly the best full-blown FPS for the PS3 so far. But it does leave you feeling it could have been even better."

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ice_prophecy4168d ago

To be honest, I am very confused now...

I guess i'll pick up the game tomorrow and find out for myself.

Breakfast4168d ago

These reviews are all over the with you gonna rent it before.

sonarus4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I'm just going to shut my eyes and say no to this one. I have made up my mind. I was hoping haze would be the game to get after exams but right now its looking like singstar :D

My first singstar people i hope i like it as much as i did GH2. I remember i hated on GH for the longest time. One day i went into gamestop and played the 360 display thing and my friend was like haha you are dancing. At that moment i knew i had to have it. Music games FTW.

Back on point: The graphics are frankly awful. Let this be a lesson to developers who are all like "oh we don't care how our game looks as long as it has great gameplay"

EZCheez4168d ago

That's a joke for anyone else that watches American Idol. Mike Myers FTW.

Dannagar4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

It's a sad day for Playstation 3 owners if Haze is undoubtedly the best full-blown FPS for the PS3 so far because it's generic. Try the demo before you buy.

specialguest4168d ago

'Haze is undoubtedly the best full-blown FPS for PS3 SO FAR'

I'm not sure on whether to take this as a compliment or an insult to the PS3.

Seraphim4168d ago

Same here, I'll just rent it. Then again I'm not big on buying FPSs anymore. I don't get online, and very few are worthy of actually keeping for years to come. Even 5 years from now the few I do end up buying over the course of the next 2 years will probably end up getting sold anyway...

I do think these really low scores a bit harsh though. I've only played the demo and wile unimpressed overall it certainly wasn't as bad as these low scores, and bashings are saying it is. It seemed like a pretty decent, average at best FPS. I think the categorize it and score it so lowly is just POOR Judgment on these review sites part. I honestly find it hard to believe that Haze is that pathetically awful...

Hatchetforce4168d ago

Like the national news, the truth is someplace in between. I am getting ready to jump back into Haze. I have logged about 3 hours so far. It isn't one of the best shooters on the PS3. However, it is far from the level claimed by IGN.

It is a solid dependable shooter with both design issues yet some outstanding gameplay. You are confused because most reviews concentrate on one at the exclusion of the other. Taken in it's entire presentation - and understanding I haven't tried MP yet - the game ranks above Army of Two and Conflict Denied Ops yet below games such as Uncharted or HALO3. A score of 7-8 would be about right by current standards.

Please note I say current standards because on my scale all games including Haze would be lower. If we were grading titles on my scale almost no game would even garner a 9.0 because 5.0 would be representational of an average game.

pharmd4168d ago

can someone tell me what the deuce is going on with these reviews.......

pickin it up asap!

gogators4168d ago

and make your own decision. Reviewers are people and their collective opinions can be all over the place. Just look at movie reviews.

jadenkorri4168d ago

if you look back at the demo of Resistant fall of man, everyone said it sucked and said it was another FPS and gave it bad reviews, but once it came out it turned out to be awesome, a hidden gem, and i think Haze still has that potential... I could be wrong but the games not out until tomorrow, well for me anyways...

Scrooge4167d ago

Isn't renting a game and judging for ourselves what we should've been doing in the first place? Some reviewers like it, some don't. Perhaps I'll be one of the people that does like it.

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pwnsause4168d ago

whats going on with these reviews?

Presentist4167d ago

So the best FPS is a generic piece of crap?

Are people forgetting that the best FPS of all time: COD4, is on PS3?!

What's wrong with these reviewers!?!?!!

THC CELL4168d ago

wow some good news

i dont no what day it is

i am still picking this game up
getting sick of mixed reviews its making the game industry go down hill

Shaka2K64168d ago

Cant not wait for this masterpiece im buying this next week
from Free Radical i already know its going to be miles better then halo 2.1 and gears of war 1.5.

Free Radical destroys epic and bungie combined.

LenHart4168d ago

since Guardian is a very reliable source

WIIIS14168d ago

Easy. Sony paid Guardian.

LenHart4168d ago

Guardian doesnt even gives a rat ass to MS/SONY

Guardian is MOST RELIABLE AND POWERFUL media source in the world.

they can nail any US/BRITISH /JAPANESE companies with their articles. Most of their their editors are graduates from WORLD"S no1 University --University of OXFORD

Tmac4167d ago

He was joking you retard. LenHart just get out seriously.

Closing4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

The metric is a low 6, and a few are rating it around an 8. Same thing happens with all reviews, where a few opinions differ.

In the end you should take this into consideration, but ultimately make up your own mind. It's my opinion that this game is just flat out bad, and the majority of reviews just reinforced my opinion. Also IGN is a source I trust in most instances.

Rikitatsu4168d ago

From the demo most people including me agrees that Haze suck

but c'mon , IGN had destroyed their own Credavilty when They Gave God Hand a 3/10 .... a Freakin 3/10 !!! that game was the best 3d Beat em up every , and i am sure legions of people will agree with me

They also gave that Erotic hentai Game Called Dead or alive beach extreme or whatever a 9/10 .. what a joke!

Closing4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

The only recent IGN review I disagreed with was the one for GTA4, and not because of graphics, but every other score they gave it. Most cases I agree, sometimes I partially agree, and very rarely I disagree. I'd say thats a pretty solid record imo.

joydestroy4168d ago

yeah man, i dunno about agreeing with IGN on their 4.5 for this game. i think that was way too low and i haven't even played Haze yet. FR would not release something that is well deserving of a 4.5, seriously. i can see it scoring a 6.5-7, but a 4.5!?!?

Presentist4167d ago

God Hand was generic crap. Compare it to greats like DMC4 or Ninja Gaiden and you'd agree.

If you don't, you have pretty bad taste man, no offense.

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