Wikipedia closes Wii, PS3, Sony entries

Web encyclopedia Wikipedia--which allows anyone to write or edit its entries--has locked down its pages relating to Sony and Nintendo's next-generation consoles after continued vandalism.

A series of less-than-impartial edits over the last few weeks has led to the temporary lock-down to "protect" the entries, in the hope that the virtual vandals will lose interest by the time the pages are re-opened to changes.

Users have been hijacking the site's entries to add what Wikipedia refers to as "funny" edits. Top of the list is the Nintendo Wii--a name that pranksters seem to find especially entertaining.

Last week the complete Nintendo company page was replaced with the phrase "Nintendo Sucks!!!!!!!!1" briefly before the Web site reloaded the original entry. Previous vandalism efforts include someone doodling on a Hitler moustache and horns on the photograph for the entry for Bill Gates, and the sentence "Microsoft is Zomg T3h Suck0r!!!1-!!" briefly replacing the computer software company's page.

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Mr Pumblechook4450d ago

ms xbox fans are very loyal.
pr is excellent.
magazine journalist in the uk are each given a free x360 by microsoft with free games and peripherals.

Some would call this promotion. I call it bribing the press.

death monk4450d ago

MS Fans only? Did I read that wrong or did it say that the MS page was replaced with a picture of Bill Gates with a Hitler mustache? I don't think MS fans did that.

PS360WII4450d ago

when you think about it. Fans of other consoles hacking into sites or just running into Wiki just to say they don't like the other system. Wow just utterly stupid