5 Video Game Soundtracks That Belong In Your Music Library [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Video games, over time, have grown and evolved to be much more than just simple projects to keep children entertained for hours on end. I feel as though video games have developed in such an extreme way that fans of pop culture and everything within it tend to speak of video games like they are pieces of art. We discuss what we do and do not like about them, we cross-examine and we get into as much detail as we can about certain titles and it usually comes down to four key elements: The graphics, the gameplay, the story and the soundtrack...

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SolidGear31692d ago

Portal .. I have Still Alive and Want You Gone :3

Subby1692d ago

Awesome, I often buy games just from hearing the soundtrack. Before I've seen gameplay!

TongkatAli1691d ago

Persona 2 OST for both games are amazing. That game changed my life, no joke. I wouldn't google the character themes, plenty of spoilers on related videos.

Subby1691d ago

Thanks, I was thinking of starting with P4G since I already have it on Vita. JRPGs have the best OSTs.

TongkatAli1691d ago

I liked Persona 4, but dude ....... that story in Persona 2. I started with 3 then 4 then 2 and then 1.

I'm not going to state my opinion as a fact. They're all good, but Persona 2 had the better writing, music and characters to me with shitty PS1 graphics galore, loved it!

nato251691d ago

World ends with you... love that game