Activision's CoD3 and THP8 not hitting 720p

Someone call Activision and let 'em know that 720p means 1280x720, please. Games-Aktuell, a German gaming outlet, has discovered that Call of Duty 3 and Tony Hawk's Project 8 are not running at a 720p high-def resolution.

When the tests were run, CoD3 was shown to be running at 1040x620 pixels and THP8 at 1040x584 pixels. The pixel drop reflects a resolution drop of 30% and 34%, respectively. The resolution drop could be assumed to help keep framerates up, but THP8 reportedly has framerate problems. So what's up?

Activision Germany told that they weren't aware of the problem and are looking into it. Lower resolution is not something that normally just happens by accident, but given the recent quality assurance problems with CoD3, these resolution problems may just be another woeful mistake. If intentional, why the resolution drop in THP8 when the 360 is clearly powerful enough to handle something like Gears of War just fine?

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InMyOpinion5367d ago

Commencing flamewar in 3...2...1...

Antan5367d ago

well i have noticed on my samsung pc monitor this anomality. Defo not 720p, hopefully a fix will be available very soon, im not that far in anyway so sooner would be better.

PS360WII5367d ago

360 will just make a patch for it and by the time it comes out for the ps3 it'll be up to the 720p mark.

LoRunner5367d ago

The first Xbox does most games in 480p, and several in 720p/1080i. And your saying 360 can't handle HD? Do some homework before posting a comment like this.

Ugly American5367d ago

I guess you can't handle reality.

GamerX25367d ago

And yet they Still manage to look and run better then there Ps3 counterparts .........Now that's sad

PS360WII5367d ago

and how do you know this seeing that neither are out yet for the ps3?

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The story is too old to be commented.