Indie Games - Microsoft's Honesty Deal

Microsoft has been criticised for using a Day One Parity clause in its dealings with independent game developers who want to use Xbox One as their publishing platform via @Xbox (the indie developer program). This clause means that anything published on PS4 and Xbox One must happen same day, same time. What's Microsoft's reason for this restrictive practice in the free market it extols?

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Philoctetes2648d ago

This kind of policy worked just fine when Microsoft was the sales leader. Now that they're trailing, this just encourages indie developers to go PSN-only. If you have a limited development budget and the industry leader makes it easy for you to publish with them while the second place guy makes you jump through (costly) hoops, why not just stick with the bigger publisher?

My guess is that Microsoft ends up abandoning this policy next year sometime unless they somehow manage to significantly overtake Sony.

darthv722648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

MS parity clause =/= #nosloppyseconds

It's only going to hurt themselves in the long run. Unless MS are fronting the $$ to get the games finished, its best to just let these devs do their thing and see how the end result fares.

redwin2648d ago

It seems that this policy is hurting Sony, otherwise they wouldn't be so hot under the collar about it. It's not like they are not getting the game, it's just coming at the same time. No body wants to pay full prize for an old game, Sony wouldn't want that either.

jebabcock2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

At the moment I think devs are complaining not anyone from Sony. It has always been the devs....

Cupid_Viper_32648d ago

In General, MS policies can be summed up like this: "How can we at Microsoft, make sure that we delay or completely prevent half or more of the gaming community from enjoying certain games unless it is on our system?"

Can we pay to delay DLC on other platforms? CHECK

Can we demand same day releases? CHECK

Can we ask that games are held back in contents because our console can't physically handle it?CHECK

Can we pay to keep the game from the other plaform for 6 months or more? CHECK

Will we accept it if it is done to us? NO!

I owned an Original XBox, but I've never bought a 360, and never will. The same thing goes for the XBox One as well. And no, it's not the fact that it is of inferior specs, or that it won't have great games. It is simply because of the company and the policies tied to the product.

Gazondaily2648d ago

Agreed darth (no idea about the mass disagrees). Lets just see how this pans out.

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Rikuide_Furame2648d ago

I find it a joke considering the lengths (and cost) that MS will go to in order to secure content on their platform first.

FamilyGuy2648d ago

"..when people buy an Xbox they know that the best independent games are on there, and they’re state of the art and new,"

It makes sense to only want new games, not some that released months to a year on another platform first. They still need to understand that some dev teams just don't have the man power to release on all platforms at once.

Christopher2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

***What's Microsoft's reason for this restrictive practice in the free market it extols?***

To prevent Sony from having as many exclusives by forcing most of the INdie developers to put out on the XBO first or at the same time, thereby also giving them the opportunity to have more timed exclusives from smaller dev companies who can only focus on one platform for initial release.

There is absolutely no other reason. It's a business decision. It's a business decision they will overlook if it means them getting a big Indie title that otherwise previously hadn't met those requirements, which is a sign of the "strength" of the agreement.

candy_mafia2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Agree 100%

Wish more readers had basic common sense.

OrangePowerz2648d ago

Or they force indie devs to delay the release. If they started first on PS4 with their game they might simply finish that up before finishing the X1 version and release them at the same time, either way it's a dick move from MS having their shady guidlines.

ltachiUchiha2648d ago

In a way if your just an xbox fanboy which is fine by me, u should be thankful that sony is around because if sony weren't here, everything u see happening now with microsoft trying to bring out alot more exclusives & more support is due to the fact that sony put them in that position where they had no choice but to pull a 180 & try an win their fanbase back. Sony even after all these layoffs will continue to move this industry forward rather u like it or not, they will always be a major player in the gaming industry for many years to come.

XboxFun2648d ago

And sony should thank MS because if it wasnt for MS sony would have sold you a 600 dollar console with no price drop, with a terrible online infostructure and would have never offered free games with plus to entice users to pay for a free service. No other app service, cross game chat, trophies or anything else they tried to outdue the competition.

Sony continues to layoff and cancel projects is definitely a sign of trouple in their house where as MS keeps on building and building. and both are moving the I dustry forward in their own ways.

ltachiUchiha2648d ago

Sorry mate but Sony has done way more good for the gaming industry then microsoft has ever done. MS has only helped with online but other then that they are lousy when it comes to creating their own games. Other then forza the library created from their own 1st party studios is laughable.

scott1822648d ago

rant rant rant rant rant rant both are moving the industry forward in their own ways.

jnemesh2648d ago

@scott182 No, only ONE company is moving the industry forward. The other is ACTIVELY trying to hold it back by releasing sub par hardware, using restrictive clauses in developer contracts, and trying to force Kinect on everyone.

DawnOfDon2648d ago


Is someone a little mad?

Itachi is spot on with what he said

scott1822648d ago

I know, I agree with you. I was joking about Xfun's comment.

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lonewolfjedi2648d ago

and vice versa, we the gamers and consumers benefit from competition.

jnemesh2648d ago

I am VERY tired of hearing how "competition" helps all of us. GUESS WHAT? The game industry will survive JUST FINE without Microsoft's involvement! Remember that they have only been around for 2 generations previous to their Xbrick One, and not only is Nintendo still around (down, but FAR from out!), but we have PC gaming, and we have mobile platforms as well!

[email protected]# "competition"! I would be VERY happy if (when) Microsoft exits the business completely!

OrangePowerz2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Sony and Nintendo are also platform holders and they don't enforce stupid guidlines like that.

Those are the things why MS is more hated compared to the other companies. It has nothing to do with them thinking about the costumers it's just about them not looking bad by having games after other platforms get them instead of welcoming indie developers and their games for when they can make games for their platform.

jetlian2648d ago

sony has it too thats why bioshock got dlc, its why ME2 came with some dlc. No company will release a game months to years later without something extra.

sony gives you like 3 months after that you gotta have extras with MS its day 1

incendy352648d ago

I don't like the policy, but I do understand their reason for having it. Would rather MS just opened up the self publishing flood gates and got out of the way. Spend your time on curating content instead of controlling it.

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