UK Weekly Chart Week Ending 3/15/2014

XOne 19,327 (+96%) 487,512
PS4 9,970 (+67%) 709,285
3DS 5,278 (-7%) 2,361,585
X360 3,267 (-10%) 8,796,067
PS3 2,661 (-13%) 5,838,218
WiiU 2,126 (-4%) 250,657
PSV 1,875 (-6%) 477,751
Wii 312 (-6%) 8,637,792
PSP 84 (-5%) 4,405,044

1. Titanfall (XOne) - 122,878
2. Dark Souls II (X360) - 22,468
3. Dark Souls II (PS3) - 21,815

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joshw20113770d ago

With these numbers, a 106% jump would put PS4 at 20,538 for next week. Curious to see how sales for Infamous will compare to Titanfall.

MasterCornholio3770d ago

I guess we have to find out next week since Infamous came out on the 21st.

tuglu_pati3770d ago

Xbox lead expected with the release of TF. Next week will see how much of an impact I:SS had on PS4 sales. My prediction PS4 leads by 10,000 to 15,000 units for that week in UK.

pivotplease3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Not sure why you got so many disagrees. PS4 has a larger user base and has been selling more on average, so once X1 sales return to near-neutral and PS4 sales increase by more than double, we could easily be looking at 10,000 X1s to 20 to 25,000 PS4s. I'm not an expert though obviously... Get the salt out and shake it like a polaroid picture.

morganfell3770d ago

Well according to Amazon UK, here are the best sellers for the month of March so far:


So obviously Amazon is no litmus test and completely different in the nature of its sales versus the entire rest of the UK...

SniperControl3770d ago

I do expect that to change though, TF has been out fourteen days longer that SS, those figures only show four days worth of sales.

morganfell3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

What numbers would those be? The Amazon figures are recalculated and updated on an hourly basis.

Here are the hourly updated numbers. These hourly figures then roll into the overall monthly bestseller referenced above:


For the X1 to overtake the PS4 on Amazon, not all of the UK mind you, they would have to be selling more on Amazon.

But as I said, Amazon must be the odd case and not representative of all of the UK. After all, we all know the infallibility of vgchartz. Their reputation for unquestionable accuracy wasn't solidified by some kid snatching numbers out of the thin air nor has he ever had to drastically revise those figures, right?

parentoftheyear3770d ago

Well Also there is the Infamous Second Son PS4 Bundle setting in there as well #17 and titanfall bundle at #31. It will be very interesting. I really would like to try titanfall, might buy the 360 when it comes out and give it a shot, since i don't have a good PC.

SniperControl3770d ago

Urm, Titanfall has sold for 15 days, SS has sold for 4 days.
Of course TF is gonna be higher than SS.

morganfell3770d ago

Okay, I thought you were discussing console numbers. On that other note I do agree.

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H0RSE3770d ago

To be fair though, I:SS is a PS4 exclusive, while Titanfall is not an X1 exclusive.

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GentlemenRUs3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Can't wait to see the numbers when I:SS comes up on the weekly chart :P

Also, XBONE got a little lead due to Titanfall.

Audiggity3770d ago

Agreed. I'm glad XB1 is doing well w/ TF, along with PS4 + I:SS...

Just still trying to figure out how the top selling next gen console, that was previously "sold out everywhere" was able to recently double its weekly sales.

SniperControl3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Wrong reply

FITgamer3770d ago

Still trying to figure how people don't understand that supply constraint doesn't mean completely sold out or that new shipments won't be made.

Audiggity3770d ago

@SniperControl - good point about the bundle... though I'd personally be a bit annoyed if a seemingly unlimited supply of PS4's was available with a bundled game, but the core system was still sold out everywhere (Which seems to be the case after checking a number of online retailers)

@FITgamer - My comment is only in response to the constant stream of PS4 is always sold out supply/demand superiority claims that flow so freely here on N4G.

mhunterjr3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

They clearly held back supply for the launch of infamous... Brilliant move really (allows for more revenue per transaction) but it kind of makes it difficult to interpret the data. The ps4 had no problem selling out BEFORE infamous dropped. So it's hard to say infamous is what lead to the increase ps4 sales numbers. Perhaps more consoles were sold simply because more consoles were available.

In other words, there's no way to tell of the game is selling the console, or if the console is selling itself. If I had to guess, I'd say the ps4 sales would have spiked with or without infamous simply due to supply and demand.

AndrewLB3770d ago

PS4's are widely available here in SoCal and have been for two weeks. Target, Walmart, Gamestop, Best Buy, and Fry's all were in stock.

Audiggity3770d ago

@mhunter + @AndrewLB:

If Sony sped up production and held off on shipping PS4's until close to the launch of I:SS, while also banking on the bundles, that would have been a brilliant move.

Limited supply for months, then with the release of the first big title, they open the flood gates...

If they did this intentionally... THAT is how it's done. MS will need to get moving real quick to counter a maneuver like that. Particularly if MS didn't see a large wave of available PS4's on the horizon.

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Magnes3770d ago

@audigity its not the case every where. I went into local GameStop on 3/23 and said I need a ps4 with ISS. I assumed he would bring me a bundle but to my surprise he came back with a core system and a separate copy of ISS

SH1ELD3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

Sales don't justify users satisfaction on each platform.

candy_mafia3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

'User Satisfaction' can only be measured by the individual that experiences the game/s or their chosen console.

...Troll Harder Willis!

T23769d ago

sales don't "justify"? users satisfaction?????

what does that even mean? Sales aren't supposed to justify satisfaction. Sales indicate consumer preference and continued sales indicate user satisfaction and continued good support or word of mouth sales.