Let Assassin’s Creed die

BT Games: "Another year, another Assassin’s Creed game – but Ian Dransfield isn’t as excited about it as he maybe should be."

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RaidensRising2687d ago

Black flag felt pretty fresh to me despite not being a true Assassin game. There's no need to kill the series if people in their millions still buy it.

DawnOfDon2687d ago

I agree they could keep it going. Black flag was amazing despite the story disappearing than picking back up, the environment was great. I think if they could bring it back the "Assassin" game we knew it to be in the beginning it could become great again

Red0eye0ceo2687d ago

How was it amazing if the story kept losing appeal?

DeleteThisxx2687d ago


Uh... It's not like a book where story is the sole point of enjoyment. I've played hundreds of games where the story was filled with lazy writing or it was just flat out bad and still enjoyed the gameplay.

A game doesn't need to have a good story (or story at all) to be good.

Baka-akaB2687d ago

While story driven , it's still an open world game . there will always be tons to do in those for fun , even in the poorest ones .

I know people that cares only for AC1 , despites its flaws , precisely because of the world and gameplay

Red0eye0ceo2687d ago

They are pushing out games for profit, what's new ? The could have made the series a lot better by choosing a 3 game series and making it the best it could be but no they had to think of future titles aka future profits.

TheSsus2687d ago

Don't like it? Don't buy it... Simple as that.

matrixman922687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

yep...pretty much this. No need to ruin other peoples enjoyment, including mine . This is one of my favorite series of all time

listenkids2687d ago

Don't bring logic into this.

sungam3d2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I know right.
How stuck up do you have to be to say something like this?
That's like someone saying 'Well, I don't like Pizza, so all pizza shops should stop selling pizza and move on to something different'

Pizza is awesome. So is Assassins Creed.

Pizza WHILE playing Assassins Creed, oh man, don't even get me started!

Baka-akaB2687d ago

Feel silly that people keep asking the death of a serie whose original concept is perfect to breed sequels ...

Revisiting the the past of a whole genealogic tree ? And you want them to stop after doing 5 (6 counting aveline) assassins ?

If you are personally tired , get out and move on to something else , instead of complaining about the franchise doing what it's supposed to ...

Eamon2687d ago

Agreed, AC was originally supposed to be an anthology series (though you can argue it still is).

Unlike the usual annual COD release, AC brings something brand new almost every year. First Middle East, then Italian Renaissance, Ottoman Constantinople, Colonial America and Caribbean and seas. Now it's back to Europe for Revolutionary France.

You can say the gameplay changed significantly from AC2 to AC4. My only hope for ACU is that they'll utilize next-gen hardware to truly evolve the gameplay.

GameSpawn2687d ago

The evolution of gameplay was pretty gradual between the Ezio games; they only madea few additions with each iteration. There was a big jump in gameplay style between AC1 and AC2 and then when AC3 came out. AC4 just refined a lot of what was introduced in AC3 while avoiding some of it's glaring flaws.

From AC1 to AC4 we have come a damn long ways. Short of the running and climbing, the two are far from the same games. The combat and AI has vastly evolved. I went back and played the digital version of AC1 once AC3 came out and it was laughable how easily exploitable the AI was in comparison to what we have now (all you had to do was blend, roll off the blend button, stab, and roll back on and blend away).

Eamon2687d ago

"all you had to do was blend, roll off the blend button, stab, and roll back on and blend away"

LOL. I remember that. Back then, that style of social stealth was considered ground-breaking for games. It's amazing how much time passes and how many things evolve and innovate.

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