Deus Ex: The Fall review I PCGMedia

"The Fall has all the components of a Deus Ex game, with the stealth, the hacking, the RPG progression, and the cyberpunk setting. Unfortunately, It’s like someone took all the elements of a Deus Ex game, sucked out the fun, then clumsily stitched it back together.

If you really want some more Deus Ex action after playing Human Revolution, then check out the Director’s Cut, or the earlier entries in the series. Either way, avoid The Fall at all costs."

PCGMedia reviews the PC port of Deus Ex: The Fall.

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user95589032807d ago

I thought this was an error and was supposed to actually 100/100. Wow lol

LAWSON722807d ago

Same here and I read the summary and thought that dont sound like a 10/10.

ninjahunter2807d ago

At first I saw 10, What the?! Who gave this a 10?! Oh, out of 100 Haha.

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