Hands On with Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Unscripted 360 had a chance to play Lost Planet: Extreme Condition recently! Capcom invited some community members out to Redmond in order to try some single player and multi-player action.

Hands on time included play on an exclusive map found in the Collector's Edition of Lost Planet!

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power of Green 4454d ago

Im glad MS & devs are providing next-gen where it counts. This tittle will help MS in Japan in a big way.

shotty4454d ago

I was sold on the demo. A demo release about 1 year before the actual game and that demo still beats some of the released games now visually.

What can I say, its a beautiful game.

willud4skins4454d ago

yup this will be my christmas game even though it comes out on january

makenzi4454d ago

yep this game is looking real good...and this was a real good and recent look at Lost Planet.

i can't wait. 1/12!!

no_more_heroes4454d ago

I loved it, even though I played it for 10 minutes, it was 10 minutes of gaming JOY. This is the main reason for me wanting a 360 (and GOW but mainly this).