Sony's Harrison on Killzone, PS3 Network

In a recent interview, Sony game studios boss Phil Harrison said Killzone in its current form "exceeds" its impressive E3 2005 trailer in some respects, and outlines his future vision of the PS3 network.

On the "semi-official" PS3 blog ThreeSpeech, Harrison said, "With Killzone, the expectation internally and externally is very high – and I won't show it until it's going to exceed people's expectations." He added that he and Sony don't plan on showing the Guerilla Games-developed FPS until next year. "I can tell you, though, that some elements already exceed the trailer," Harrison said.

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Mr Murda4356d ago

What? The fact that it's actually gameplay now. If they're "exceeding" the E3 trailer graphically then I'll be the first to insert my foot in my mouth. Something tells me though that I WONT be eating feet for a while.

calderra4356d ago

-Also said Killzoen at e3 05 was realtime.
-Said the boomerang was final, and wouldn't change.
-Said Sony would be offering unified online, then it wouldn't, then it would... cetera.

Sphinx4356d ago

...can we believe you this time, Phil?

kingboy4356d ago

wow! i`m hungry for killzone info now

TheMART4356d ago




When will they start to deliver?

Killzone CGI has been surpassed. He is right. By Gears of War giving it in real time THIS christmas.

Promised and delivered. Right here, right now.

DJ4356d ago

Dude, nothing's surpassed that trailer, let alone reached it. Gears looks pretty good, but definitely isn't Killzone status.

Optimus Prime4355d ago

dj, keep on dreaming. killzone will be a let down just like the first one.

PS3 Ultimate4355d ago

No 360 game has surpassed the graphics of KillZone for the PS3. You're just too scared to admit it. Wow I guess u already beat GOW *8 hours later* rofl!

DixieNormS4356d ago

I can't get enough of GOW.