Weapon Shop de Omasse Review - PixlBit

PixlBit | "It’s hard to believe that a quaint game concept where you play the part of an apprentice arms dealer in an RPG could lead me to a dark place, but it happened. Weapon Shop de Omasse, with its cute exterior, forces you to spend time between intended-to-be-comical character interactions pounding away at the most laborious, repetitive, and malformed rhythm game ever created. Whether the focus of the game’s design was the humor, the rhythms, or the quirky setting, every single piece fails to entertain, engage, or to even make any damn sense.Things start rough from the opening tutorial where there is quite a bit more talking than truly necessary, but this isn’t unusual for a tutorial in a modern game – they can be pretty mouthy. I stayed positive all through my lessons since there were moments that made me smirk too, like the laugh tracks and audience reactions to different characters. But then the teaching was over and I had to start running the shop for real.

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