Sony Number Two in Japan

Weekend numbers are in for the PlayStation 3's Japanese debut, and they aren't pretty. Enterbrain, the publisher of Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine, reports today that Sony managed to sell 88,400 PlayStation 3 units over the system's first two days. This number breaks down to 33,800 20GB models and 54,600 60GB models.

If you think those hardware numbers are low then check out these software figures: the best selling game over the period was Bandai Namco's Ridge Racer 7, which sold 30,300 copies. This was followed by Gundam Crossfire at 30,000 units and Resistance, at 15,700 units. Figures for Genji and SEGA Golf Club, the two other launch titles, were not provided.

Enterbrain reports a software-hardware tie ratio of 0.98, meaning less than one game purchased for every PS3 sold.

These numbers sound eerily similar to the Xbox 360's launch last year. In its first two days, the 360 managed sales of 62,135 hardware units, Enterbrain reported in the days following the launch. The biggest selling game then was Ridge Racer 6, with 29,891 units, followed by Perfect Dark Zero, at 14,897 units.

Of course, the PS3 was, for all intents and purposes, sold out within hours of launch, while Microsoft filled Japanese shops with 100,000 additional 360 units, which have only recently gotten around to selling. The 360 is, technically, the number one next-generation system in Japan at this point, but that will likely change once Sony gets another shipment out. Something that we expect will happen some time in 2007.

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Sphinx4446d ago

"The 360 is, technically, the number one next-generation system in Japan at this point..."

JasonXE4446d ago

i found that funny as well.

zypher4446d ago

this was a lame attempt by the authors of the article to dampen the already dead-beaten horse known as the "PS3's limited supply". a clear oxymoron, as selling 80,000 units of a system that's only made 80,000 units available can be viewed as both a good thing (a sellout), and a bad thing (limited supplies).

Bill Nye4446d ago

Funny, but only shows what the media does: spin, spin, spin.

Ugly American4446d ago

Okay, seriously, take away the spin doctors and what do you have?

First, you know it sold 100,000 units. Second, over 88,000 are reported sold.
Third, a 0.98 game to console ratio...and that is WITH the 88,000 sold. So expect it to go lower than that when the other 12,000 are factored in.

I am not Sony hating, but the point of the matter is that the system was sucked up by A LOT of Ebay-ers. That is ridiculous. I thought, but could be wrong, that the 360 at least had over a game sold per console.

Mr Murda4446d ago

...This is to be expected, cause there are not many people that are "easily" able to afford the $600 system AND a $60+ game. Especially if you want another controller or other accessory.

Tut4446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

Also, they said that two games had not been taken into account. That could boost that figure a bit. I couldn't see people buying a console without buying a game along with it (maybe they just wanted a souped up PS2 though haha).

Ravenator5294446d ago

Are you serious?

You mean to tell me that anyone who purchases a PS3 wouldn't have the extra money for a game?

The person who posted before you is right. The reason why there is a lower number of games sold per console is because of Ebay'ers who don't need to purchase a game.

The games will still be available in stores so there isn't a reason for the ebayer to purchase the games.

These Ebay scammers will easily pay someone $600 at the front of the line to get their slimey hands on a PS3.

And to tell you the truth, you would have to be a complete moron to turn down the money if it were offered to you. You would technically get your PS3 for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.