Basement Crawl Interview: Turning Around the Playstation 4′s Lowest Rated Game

Basement Crawl disappointed many, yet Bloober Team seeks to fix their game and its numerous issues. What we got was a civil discussion on Basement Crawl's failures and what Bloober Team plans to do about it.

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svoulis2309d ago

As much as I commend a developer for admitting their game is basically broken trash. I don't see this game getting fixed it goes beyond the networking bugs. It's a dead game, and I don't see it coming back.

It stems further than just network issues. It's the lack of content, the only online matches with a small number of maps all lacking interest. If this game wanted to be inspired by Bomberman it should have looked at some of the more fun levels with floor traps,conveyor belts,negitive power ups, sudden death. The list goes on.

The UI alone, is horrid, I mean down right someone used MS Paint, and just made it. The intro misleads anyone interested in the game and is just as criminal to me as the Aliens Colonial Marines E3 Demo was.

I could probably write 3 more paragraphs about how bad this game is, and I bought it. I am not just hating on it cause it was a complete waste of money. I am annoyed that SONY let a company release a game this bad on their platform. This makes LocoCycle on Xbox One look like a 8/10 game. It has nothing going for it, nothing at all.

I do want a proper Bomberman Game I loved those game with splitscreen friends. This is at best....a prototype that should have never been released.

Konman722309d ago

I agree to a point, but these guys do seem dedicated to making it work. The core concept isn't entirely broken, just...well, everything around it. I think that they have a small chance, but they have lost any momentum they once had.

A relaunch once it is totally fixed and massively improved, in the vein of FFXIV might get some traction, but I doubt it would be enough to make it into anything huge. Call it Basement Crawl 1.5 and give it away to current users.

Either way, they were very open and honest about the problems plaguing the game, which I admire. Hopefully that honesty translates into some hard work and huge improvements.

HaveAsandwich2309d ago

I almost bought this one night, when i was like 9 beers deep. read a few reviews, and bailed out quick.

BludoDaSmelly2309d ago

Some games i buy and play a little to find out i wasnt into them
Some i get stuck on but i would have to start over to complete. Every game is a different situation.

WeAreLegion2309d ago

The concept art is phenomenal. Why did they decide to make a bad Bomberman clone? :/

Konman722309d ago

I thought the opening trailer was great as well. Definitely some good ideas, but the execution had some issues.