Crysis shown on three new images

We haven't heard much of Crysis the last two months, but developer Crytek and publisher Electronic Arts have released three new screenshots of the game today to show the game is coming along nicely.

Crysis takes place in the year 2019, after an asteroid impacts on Earth. This piece of rock from space brings some mysterious, and nasty, creatures to our planet and causes a radical climate change. Humanity has to fight for its live and defend itself against the intruders. The game has been in the news several times for its incredible graphics and AI. We will have to wait until the first half of 2007 to see if the game delivers on its promises.

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specialguest4454d ago

sometimes screenshots vary in the way they look. the past screenshots of this game was simply stunning, but these right here, it just looks above average.

xboxlj4454d ago

These shots look nothing like what has been shown in the past. They are above average, but nothing special.