Why you may be disappointed with Titanfall

VGW's Brian Shea: "Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is an outstanding first-person shooter. The mobility and “verticality” delivered by the game’s pilots, as well as the outstanding mech-on-mech combat brought by the game’s titular Titans are the best thing that has happened to the first-person shooter genre since the advent of the killstreak in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. However, scrolling through my Twitter feed and talking to some friends, I’ve noticed a lot of people who were really excited for the game’s release are feeling a bit lukewarm with the final product."

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Fireseed2312d ago

Basically if you didn't like TF2s style of multiplayer only then you won't like this either.

MasterCornholio2311d ago

How's Titanfall like Teamfortress 2?

It's closer to COD than anything else.

Fireseed2311d ago

In terms of the package being only multiplayer...

Pandamobile2310d ago

I've played TF2 for ~1500 hours and put at least 400 hours into the COD franchise over the last 7 years.

Besides the gun handling, nothing really feels like COD. Titan Fall feels more like Team Fortress 2 + Left 4 Dead in a sci-fi universe.

WillGuitarGuy2311d ago

TF2, how? I would've said PlanetSide 2, MAG, or something along those lines.

Insomnia_842310d ago

PlanetSide 2? Do you know how many real players are in a massive fight in Planetside 2? definetely not 6vs6 to begin with.

WillGuitarGuy2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

In terms of multiplayer only and visuals. Read.

corvusmd2312d ago

Just a question. Why do articles like this exist for this game, but not seemingly for other games? The vast majority of reviews are very positive for this game (except fanboys on metacritic)..yet there are opinion articles about why you won't like this game all the time. KZ got an average score of 6.5-7/10...I saw no articles like this. MGS typically has bad to mediocre scores (although more positive reviews are emerging...which is good cause I bought the game and like MGS series) articles about "Why MGS may disappoint you" (unless you count reviews).

It seems that this game is suffering from the backlash of ACTUALLY being successful. It seems that the large majority of negative comments about this game are just from fanboys that don't want it to succeed (and want the XB1 to fail).
When will gamers wake up and realize they are actively trying to kill the industry they love? Take a step back and think about what your end goal is IF you actively try to talk trash about a game you don't like or try to convince someone NOT to buy a game or system just cause you don't like it... what is the goal there? You want to kill the happiness of millions of others that DO like what you don't, and it DOES bring them happiness... now you want to kill one of the Video game industry giants so that one stands alone with no competition to drive them forward at a stronger pace. Do you really want to hand MS or Sony free-reign to do whatever they want and charge whatever they want?

If you like MP games and FPS...there isn't any reason not to like this game, or hate it enough to discourage others not to buy it. Titanfall is fun, I love it.

BrianPShea2311d ago

Did you read the article? It's extremely positive towards Titanfall.

Kingnichendrix2311d ago

The worse thing about Titan Fall is the price, id give it personally a 10/10 for multiplayer, but for value for money that shit goes to like a 6... its a little insulting to be honest how everyone ignores how little it offers in terms of plot, worse yet the Ai jesus christ... nintendo 64 007 goldeneye Ai is better but man is the gameplay awesome but shit feels rushed

ThePope2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

You know its funny I hear from time to time that this game was rushed. What I dint get is; why do ppl think it was rushed?

Is t because its not as feature complete as COD Ghost? That's what everyone compares it to, but COD is on its 10th iteration and TF is on its first.

Is it because it doesn't have a single player? Because at GDC this year a whole panel was dedicated to how gamers dont finish single player games. And Vince Zampella himself said he's sick of his team spending 3 months on a level few will play.

Is it because the frame rate dips a bit? I'm lvl 35 and I've only had it dip on me a handful of times, and EVERYTHING else about this game out weighs the very infrequent dips.

is it the AI? Because folks it's been said numerous times that the AI are not there to so much add challange as they're there to flesh out the experience and make the game more accessible. Is that so bad? Especially when you compare it to the camp fest that is CoD

I ask these questions because while some people are quick to say it's rushed, no examples are given.

Revvin2311d ago

On the whole I think its a good game, its not revolutionary or breaking any new boundaries but I feel I am getting my money's worth.

That said maybe it was rushed to be a near launch title exclusive for XBOX One. Players will complete a single player story if its good or if you unlock items as you go for multi-player for example. It didn't feel like Respawn gave much thought to even giving TF a bare bones background story, even the enemy are just called 'the militia'. More weapons would be nice, and unless I've missed something I can't rename my custom classes on the PC version.

There was no anti-cheat system in place at launch - something I'd consider quite important for a multi-player only game and I believe I may have come across a few in the short time I've been playing since the UK launch last week. The AI is incredibly stupid, for the most part they will just stand there and let you shoot them, in one match last night they kept running down the same narrow corridor I was trying to move up. Sure it gave me points but I was wasting ammo and they become a distraction from shooting live players.

Still not a deal breaker for me and I would recommend friends give TF a try.

fonger082311d ago

@ThePope completely agree. I don't understand the whole it doesn't have a single player campiagn there for it's not worth the $60 price tag. There are plenty of single player only games that you may or may not get 10-15hrs of gameplay... are they worth $60? Obviously it depends on the experience of the gamer... if ToLU was only single player and it took I think 20hrs-ish to complete, it was completely worth the $60 to me. Titanfall you may get 50-60hrs of mp in... a lot of people would say that's worth it.

Kingnichendrix2311d ago

Nah i have it on PC so the frame rate is solid the gameplay itself is great but seriously what the hell is with the price... Hell look at hawken thats free and the mech combat in that is better than titan fall and so are the graphics... Also im not interested in what excuses they make not to include a single player at the end of the day if their gonna charge that much for a game, I actually feel as if my wallet was molested... Im not sure if you have played Titan Fall but strafing left and right and jumping without taking any damage is piss poor... but holy shit is the game exciting with some of the competition on pc fuck, i actually start sweating when your aggainst a titan and your trying to survive.... but for fuck sake it could have been nigh on perfect but no... they designed the game, the drop back, the art direction and the gameplay is impeccable reminds me of unreal tournament... but jesus fucking christ thats it.. thats all they have, and their charging me how much?? i wish i had waited for a sale rather than pay for that god damn...

Darth Gamer2311d ago

@ POPE, I couldn't agree more. This is the most fun I've had with a multiplayer game in a very long time. (Since MW1-MW2)

I love how people bitch and complain about COD and Battlefield and how they hate the single player aspect of the game and how they shouldn't have bothered making one. But, When a game actually follows through with that notion and makes only a damn good multi experience, all you hear about is how they totally ditched a single player campaign and only focused on the multi. Amazing how hypicritical people can be.

I also can't stand how people still are complaining about the AI. How many times does it have to be said that they are not there to put up a fight. They are there to add to the illusion of the battle, as cannon fodder for the less experienced players, etc... not to kill pilots(player controlled men)

Kingnichendrix2311d ago

@nifonge I have lots of games that I have bought of steam for £7-8 that offer a hell of a lot more content than this game that is my gripe with it, and what i spent 5 times more for 10 times less... I mean seriously now, are you guys made of money and you dont mind spending to me what is about a days worth in work, for a game that doesnt even try to tell me anything about anything... I really should have done my research, i fell into the hype and bought it. I don't dispute that the gameplay is brilliant so is the atmosphere and the scale. But seriously now they trully take the piss with the price of the game, it should have been no more than £25

fonger082311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

@Kingnichendrix if the experience of the game wasn't worth the cost, that's understandable and almost universal. A game like Banished is $20 with essentially the same elements of the $50 SimCity (when it was released). Barring the online crap EA pulled with Simcity, both the costs of Simcity and Banished, to me were the same in terms of enjoyment. Now if I purchased Skyrim (and I'm only using this as an example, because I loved that game) and didn't find the game fun, then $20, $40, or $60 would have felt like a waste.

Kingnichendrix2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

@nifonge I dont know man, even games i am not a fan of like guild wars 2, i can understand the pricing since obviously a lot of effort goes into the content, where as Titan Fall most of the money seems to have been spent on either paying for advertisements and reviews... again i cant knock the foundations since to me it seems almost flawless, but the end result? let me again explain the Price damn it, on a freaking pc game... Hell look at the new metal gear 'demo' their selling people are upset at the length of it, the gameplay is probably good and it gets crap reviews... What has this done differently, im just a little pissed i paid this much for wasted potential... almost feels like im encouraging it.

fonger082311d ago

@Kingnichedrix I haven't played the retail verison of TitanFall yet, enjoyed the beta though. I think people are so used to have a single player campaign, that when games are coming without them, they feel the full price tag unjust, even though we, in reality might spend 3 to 5 times longer playing the MP portion regardless. They obviously have to work on fleshing out a MP game only to give a user a full entertaining experience, just as they would single player only game. I want the game... but I rarely pay full price for games anymore.

PONTIAC08G8GT2311d ago

Metal Gear can be beaten in 2 hours, so that's worth $30? Why because its Metal Gear and it's pretty? Is COD really worth $60 because its got a half-ass campaign thats 5-6 hours long?

And the AI, yes they are stupid but that's for the casual players. Not every game needs to be 100% hardcore. If you suck at games or a casual gamer, kill bots, feel happy, enjoy your game. If your hardcore, play pilot hunter or hardpoint where only killing human players matter. The grunt are super easy, the Spectres actually take quite a few bullets. Plus you can use them to your advantage. Someone rushes in and kills all the grunts gives you time to kill them.

To me, I've never played a game so balanced. I dont feel over powering in a titan or under powered as a pilot. All the weapons are spot on. Overall the game is a blast to play and the 15 maps keep it feeling different.

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hazeblaze2311d ago

Most reviews were transparent about the negative aspects of this game as well. It is a fun game, but there are some legitimate gripes that they will hopefully get sorted out for the sequel.

Smootherkuzz2311d ago

There is no reasoning with people on these kind of sites anymore is all about how much bull you can put out. If all games and systems was made by one manufacture they still wouldn't be happy. They still bitch video games out of exsistence and then bitch because there wouldn't be any.Thats because everything is available to them and they take for granted. You have choices but to put the other down just because choose the other is wrong. People suck and they never fail to remind you.

gamer20132311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I'll tell you why. Because people who enjoy Xbox also enjoy PlayStation despite being called silly names like "Xbot." Sony fanboys aren't gamers they're haters and that's a fact.

aquamala2311d ago

Most fun I've had in a multiplayer game in a long time, other games like cod seem so slow paced in comparison

MetaReapre2311d ago

Why this game has so many articles of titanfall being disappointing stems from the fact that there are so many high reviews giving this game top scores just purely on the fact that it's a really fun game.

The problem here is that there are many things that don't live up to the hype that has been given to us and many people will go into this game with such high expectations only to have them crushed.

That's why these articles exist. If you went into the game hoping for a great campaign, you'd be disappointed. If you expected something completely innovative and different, you could possibly be disappointed. Also the lack of content. There are many things that I could nit pick on the game but overall it's great game.

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stuna12311d ago

Very good article! IMO he gives a compelling reason why hype can be positive as well as detrimental.

malokevi2311d ago

The only reason I can think of is if you dont like FPS games, or if you went into it under the impression that it would be a life-changing experience.

Once you realize that Titanfall is just another shooter, it's impossible to be disappointed. Because this game is something special.

5eriously2311d ago

I for one laughed at the videos on you tube where the aim line bends and shoots around the corner. What a joke!

Kingnichendrix2311d ago

If you ever played cod most of the guns did that as you ran round a corner

LostCypher112311d ago

I guess you haven't played many console shooters? nearly all of them have bullet bend, due to the huge amount of AA to make up for the lack of precision aiming on a controller

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