Are “Interactive Movie” Games Taking Over?

The Late Night Gamer: ecently there has been a sudden rise in the success and amount of “Interactive Movie” games, such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Telltale’s The Walking Dead. These types of games blend gameplay with a cinematic storytelling that creates an experience similar to playing a film. The most important part of the game comes from your interactivity with the progression of the story, making heart-wrenching and emotional decisions that ultimately root your heartstrings to the game. Interactive Movies are games dedicated to extensive storytelling, rather than innovative gaming.

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Ezz20132301d ago

TWD and Wolf among us,Heavy Rain,Beyond Two souls have a genre of there own

they are not forcing them self on any gamer
and we don't get this type of games alot any way
so they are not taking over any thing
they have there place as a genre among TPS,RPG,FPS genre .etc

Pozzle2299d ago

Exactly! Interactive movie games haven't been popular since....what...the early 90s? It's nice to see this genre return in popularity. They're hardly taking over the industry.

cfc782299d ago

Great games come in all shapes and sizes it's good to have choices.

LordMaim2299d ago

"Sudden rise"? Three games were referenced, of which Heavy Rain was released four years ago. Three games in four years is a "sudden rise"?

I would think that the interactive movie genre was more prevalent in the 90's when there were games like Journeyman Project, Under a Killing Moon, Myst, or 7th Guest. Adventure games were everywhere back then.

incendy352299d ago

I don't think they are taking over, just a new popular genre. I love them but I still like my gameplay games too.

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