Resident Evil 4 HD Listed for Xbox One

Austrian game store may have gotten the jump on the rest of the world this morning, as they've listed Resident Evil 4 HD for Xbox One as being due for release in 2014.

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XiSasukeUchiha2298d ago

It's definitely an fan pleaser I might as well say it!

ThatEnglishDude2298d ago

For crying out loud, how many other platforms is this game going to be released on?

thekhurg2296d ago

As many as Capcom can make money from.

Hellsvacancy2296d ago

PS4 and XB1 version confirmed

MegaRay2296d ago

Hey atleast it isnt coming to ios and android, not yet anyway

SmielmaN2296d ago

Prob two more versions, the 720p xbone version and the 1080p PS4 version ;D

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Tedakin2296d ago

Capcom just can't let this game go.....

LightofDarkness2296d ago

It's pretty much the last great game they ever made, they'll cling to it until it produces no more milk. Which I imagine will be right about now.

xPhearR3dx2296d ago

I would argue that Dragon's Dogma was their last great game. I really hope they make a sequel and offer a PC version this time.

Eyeco2296d ago

At this rate they're almost gonna be in the same boat as Square Enix, based on the fact that they're remaking/ remastering old games more than there developing new games, How depressing is that when you think about it ?

SoulWarrior2296d ago

No doubt a PS4 and X1 version of the Ultimate HD edition lol

MrTrololo2296d ago

Capcom is hungry for more money. What a sad company.

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The story is too old to be commented.