PS4 and Xbox One Minecraft coming sooner than expected?

You may not have to wait ages for the next-gen versions of Minecraft to come, as it will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 very soon. 4J Studios – the developers behind the console versions – are giving out teasers on different editions, assuming that the core gameplay is indeed working with some bugs to iron out.

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3-4-52301d ago

The Problem, is that it STILL LOOKS like Minecraft.

We have two NEXT GEN consoles, why can't they make the blocks more detailed ?

It's not like the tech to do so isn't there ?

At THIS point, it's beyond lazy not to update the visuals.

You can still keep the same "feeling" or "style" I guess, but it would be like going from 16-bit to 32-bit or something like that.

It needs a fresh coat of paint.

Matt6662301d ago

every game doesn't need amazing graphics there a lot more important things like game play and re-playability

jcole972301d ago

maybe because it is meant to look like that. it was on pc before consoles and pc is the most powerful. minecraft isnt about graphics

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Benjaminkno2302d ago

Would've been nice to see my inventory on a smaller screen...

parentoftheyear2301d ago

I never got into Minecraft, i know my brother Loves it, and is excited for it to Come to PS4. I will be buying it though, so we can play together, maybe i will learn to love it.

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The story is too old to be commented.