‘Angry Birds Epic’ First Look Gameplay

Rovio's latest Angry Birds installment titled, 'Angry Birds Epic', is currently available in the Canadian, New Zealand and Australian App Store.

Unlike their previous bird-flinging experience, Rovio introduces a new turn-based combat role-playing game, which includes the familiar Angry Birds and Bad Piggies we all know and love.
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ArbitorChief2305d ago

Looks like a crappy turn based RPG...

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2305d ago

wow i would never waste my time on this Only phone casuals would like a game like this..

you got to be kidding me if this is where gaming is headed, to the phones..

mobigamer2305d ago

I wouldn't say this is where gaming is heading.

It's just a popular franchise (mainly among kids), so this isn't expected to be the next big thing.

From what I've played, I can see this being enjoyable, but no where near the best game.

It's a casual game just like you said.

grailly2304d ago

I'll give it a try when it's out. looks rather ok for a phone game.

JackVagina2304d ago

Probably gotta pay money for weapons/armor/levels no doubt

darksky2304d ago

Isn't Final Fantasy like this type of turn based game? Looks pretty boring...

ginsunuva2304d ago

Too many birds, whether they be angry, tiny, or flappy.

mobigamer2304d ago

Birds and Zombies seem to be popular on mobile :D

ginsunuva2304d ago

Wait, that's a great idea!

Zombie Birds!