Titanfall: 5 Ways to Kill More and Die Less

Reckless Titan player is a stupid Titan player. Bag of Games goes through issues that might help you to get more out of the battle!

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ryandebraal2873d ago

good tips! I'll use em :)

MkaY2873d ago

I'm glad you like them! At least there should be few that are always not so obvious.

famoussasjohn2872d ago

That refurb titan burn card helped me get 110+ without a death in Attrition. Had over 60 minion kills and about 20 pilot kills.

DFogz2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Especially liked the "crouch and look down" one. I've been playing a lot and always look for that to know when I should disembark, hopefully now I can trick a few pilots into jumping off early.

You should try the Stryder burn card at the start of a capture the flag match. You can end a match in a few short minutes.

2872d ago
jazmac2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

here's my list.

1. Shotgun
2. jump kick
3. in CTF always be in a titan when carrying the flag.
4. Shotgun
5. lock on pistol

DFogz2872d ago

Unless you do CTF on Rise. Narrow streets are bad for Titans, and the incredibly high walls and convenient ziplines means as a pilot you can go from one end of the map to the other in seconds.

A good wallrunner with the Stim perk can get to the flag and back to base in around 30 seconds.

jazmac2872d ago

but a titan is pretty unlikely to die with the movement boost in the time it takes to get the flag from one end to the other unlike a player where no matter how fast you are you could easily get killed along the way.

supraking9512872d ago

titanfall and twitch have failed. cod ghosts is killing it

Dudebro902872d ago

What does that have to do with anything?

antz11042872d ago

Lol soon you're going to be down to one bubble. Hold on tight!

MurphyMadrid2872d ago

hmmm well i guess titanfall is nt da worst game ever...

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