Early InFamous Second Son unboxing, requires 24GB installation

inFamous Second Son unboxing and 24Gb install size revealed.

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Mikelarry3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

this i just watch this right did this guy just teaser unbox his copy of infamous... damn i have seen everything. anyone know when the us psn store preorder will be up to download?

Ashunderfire863245d ago

Dude people were already playing this game yesterday. At least 10 people were playing. All this guy has to do is watch the Broadcasting PS4 channel(Twitch/Ustream).

iSpeakTruth__3245d ago

Ugh Friday can't come any faster :/

Shadonic3245d ago

Its simple we freeze ourselves till friday

kingdom183245d ago

I'm getting it Tuesday :3

jocomat93245d ago

they should release it tuesday. Most people seemed to have it and friday? games come out teusday cmon.

CharlesSwann3245d ago

Dude, just unboxed a standard game case ... lol.

The_Truth_24_73245d ago

And with that 24gb install, no multiplayer at all! Lol!

metatronx3245d ago

I'd take sp over mp anytime lol.

supes_243245d ago

Exactly! I prefer single player any day over multi player. I like MP but I get tired of it fast, I rather a story with missions and co op instead. Not just run and gun with other people.

MasterCornholio3245d ago

1080P assets do take a lot of space.

mike32UK3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

I've noticed the only people saying anything negative about this game are 1 bubbled trolls :)

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The story is too old to be commented.