Why Hearthstone is so great..

Find out why digital card game, Hearthstone is so great in this short article about the game.

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crofterz3359d ago

Disagree with your statement so much. There's nothing that you can currently buy which you can't earn by playing the game.

il-JumperMT3359d ago

Taking a short cut buying with real cash legenardy cards is pay to win

Takwin3360d ago

You can do the arena without pay-to-win mechanics.

And it is RIDICULOUSLY FUN. I might lose sometime to a random guy who has a golden legendary card of pwning, but oh well.

I have fun playing and like to play often. Isn't that what gaming is about?

Very much looking forward to future card set releases, more backgrounds, and Blizzard's MOBA, Heroes of the Storm.

crofterz3359d ago

Couldn't agree more. I'm especially looking forward to new heroes being introduced.

GeisT3360d ago

Hearthstone is Magic The Gathering for people with an IQ of 50 or under.

crofterz3359d ago

It may be simpler than Magic The Gathering but it's also far more accessible as a result. It might seem dumbed down to you but the fact that Hearthstone opens the genre up to people that were put off by the likes of Magic is a great thing.